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Naked and Afraid exclusive: Out of control fire threatens to raze the Bulgarian countryside

On Sunday’s Naked and Afraid on Discovery, we see how a careless mistake can endanger lives and threaten the wildlife and the nearby towns where these naked survivalists are left to their own devices.

In a shocking exclusive, we see how a wildfire erupts as the contestants are out foraging for supplies and food.

In a split second an inferno erupts and the producers are seen jumping in with the local producers (there is Bulgarian being spoken along with English in the clip above) as the team works frantically to extinguish a fire that threatens to blow up and run down the hillside – perhaps even getting to a populated area where unsuspecting people live.

In the clip, you will see two wolves who are cowering in fear as thick smoke blankets the forest floor.

It’s a tinderbox from hell on this week’s Naked and Afraid.

What happens on Sunday’s Naked and Afraid?

The clip is a stark reminder that one ember can ignite a bone dry forest or jungle.

And it shows the liabilities that a production company faces as they are shooting a series where anything can go wrong.

In the frigid mountains of Bulgaria, we see wolves circle a successful survivalist trying to conquer the 21-day challenge.

But suddenly, the large fires these contestants rely upon are now the enemy. They are the defense against predators and hypothermia until the flames shoot out of control and become the biggest threat the series has ever seen (of late).

Who is there during the fire?

Survivalists Jen Taylor, Brandon Pope, and Brandon Dix are scrambling to put out the flames as their producers and the local team jump in to cut down brush and trees that have resins and oils that will act as a flame catalyst.

We see the contestants scramble back to camp as producers tell them the fire from their camp has spread. It is pandemonium as Brandon says: “Holy cow, there’s fire everywhere!”

They are confused and trying to put out the fire, but being naked means their flesh is subject to the fire embers and it is dangerous. We can see producers jumping in to put out the flames, and the cast is trying to help but they seem more in the way than helpful.

Brandon is there on Day 2 and all hell breaks loose in a fire. Pic credit: Discovery

One producer is heard saying they need to get the fire out before it hits a certain tree – one that will ignite and explode.

The speed the fire spread put everyone in shock. Brandon says it was just his second day in the location and he is absolutely stunned at the chain of events unfolding.

Make sure to tune in to this episode as the challenges of a reality TV show shot out in the wild are really brought home.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.

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