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Naked and Afraid exclusive: Louisiana RN beat breast cancer and now fights battle against COVID-19

Lisa Hagen
Naked and Afraid’s Lisa Hagan who battled breast cancer and sharks, now fights the battle against COVID-19 as a professional nurse in Louisiana. Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s can’t-miss Naked and Afraid on Discovery, it’s a jam-packed episode starring Lisa Hagan, a brave nurse helping patients battle against coronavirus in a Louisiana hospital.

On the episode tonight, she and her partner Joe find themselves on the deserted Andros Islands in the Caribbean.

We have one exclusive clip of tonight’s action posted at the bottom that shows Lisa and Joe under attack as swarms of mosquitoes come out of nowhere and overwhelm them.

The other YouTube video shows her background profile.

Also, a new Naked and Afraid Facebook tease reveals a shark lurks nearby as she and Joe try to get to another island.

It’s not even Shark Week!

Background on Lisa Hagan, Naked and Afraid

Another YouTube video posted directly below shows a snapshot of Lisa as a contestant, telling us all her moving backstory.

In that preview, she says: “I do have feet, but I’m actually a mermaid at heart. I’m definitely a kick-a** coona** from Louisiana! I’m a nurse, but my side gig is that I’m also a boat captain.

“I got my boat captain license in the Virgin Islands. I take people on daily charters to the British Virgin Isles, where we go snorkeling. It’s all about personality.”

She shows her tattoo, the French New Orleans saying: “Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll), she shares it is her life’s theme — to have fun and appreciate every day.

Noting her survival capabilities, Lisa adds: “You need a raised bed. I can build that with palms …I could build it with leaves if I’m in an ocean I can free dive for conch and lobster… I’m not starving, baby!”

She then shares her own medical history: “I’m a breast cancer survivor and surviving that — it just renewed my faith in life and just changed my perspective.”

She adds: “I had a high school friend who was also battling breast cancer that said, ‘Lisa you should go on Naked and Afraid.'”

Her friend’s name was Julie, and we learn from Lisa that she died not long ago. This episode is in honor of her memory.

A shark comes out to investigate

Lisa and her Naked and Afraid partner Joe are seen adrift on a makeshift raft.

Posted on the Naked and Afraid Facebook page, we see the shark circling them.

They are about four miles until their landfall, and the two have to drive away a curious shark without capsizing.

Here is the latest Facebook tease:

Lisa Hagan today

Lisa Hagan is an amazing warrior spirit who is currently post-Naked and Afraid and back home in the Bayou State. She is fighting with fellow medics and doctors against the growing number of cases being reported in Louisiana.

And at last count according to Worldometer, the number for Louisiana was 837 confirmed cases, making it number six in a list of 50 states that ranks the number of cases (New York at number one) to West Virginia at the lowest (at 12 reported cases as of March 22 at 6 p.m. ET)

From Lisa Hagan’s Instagram, here she is, in her protective gear while working on front-lines as an RN at a hospital in Louisiana.

Naked & unAfraid


Posted by Lisa Hagan, Naked & Afraid on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Lisa is back to work where we need her most: As an RN in Louisiana, a state hard hit by COVID-19.

Bravo to you Lisa!

Lisa Hagen
Lisa Hagan in her RN protective gear fighting the COVID-19 battle at her hospital in Louisiana. Pic credit: Lisa Hagan/Instagram/Discovery

The exclusive preview of Naked and Afraid

This exclusive preview shows the two trying to make their raft to set sail. The base of it is laid out, but they have to abandon the project. Why?

When the sun goes down, the swarms of biting insects and mosquitoes come out to feast.

The narrator says: “On these islands, as the temperature drops in the late afternoon, humidity rises. Prime conditions for swarming insects, who can move more freely in the moist air.”

Naked and Afraid airs Sunday at 8P on Discovery Channel.

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