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Naked and Afraid exclusive: Giant snail is on the menu for Alex and Holly, and its not like chicken

Naked and Afraid exclusive: Giant snail is on the menu for Alex and Holly, and its not like chicken
Holly the moment she discovers the giant land snail and knows dinner is secured. Pic credit: Discovery.

On tonight’s Naked and Afraid, you are going to be tested on what is edible and what is not, and when you are starving like Alex Manard and Holly Roberts, a succulent land snail looks like Beef Wellington.

Except when reality hits and you cook it on a flame and try to eat it, and it tastes more like a cooked up kitchen glove than anything remotely meaty, chickeny or fishy.

In our exclusive clip for tonight, Alex and Holly are settling into reality in Ecuador as aches and pains from roughing it, sleeping outside, and doing without clothes, creature comforts, regular meals equals one miserable existence.

The sighting of the land snails at least offers an adrenalized rush of optimism that a decent protein-rich meal is on the horizon.

What happens when they see the snails?

Holly walks ahead of Alex as they try to find something edible in the plants and jungle around them.

Alex is worried about Holly and asks: “How you feeling?”

She is not a happy camper at all. She says that her back pain is spreading.

She says: “I still don’t know what’s actually wrong with me
other than that I’m hungry. We’ve had no protein since we’ve been here.”

The two stop dead in their tracks as they spot a rare thing — giant land snails in plain view.

Noting how weird a creature it is, Alex and Holly are grateful for this snail meal they lucked into. The two create a fire back at the base camp and cook the snails in their shells.

You can see all the liquid spewing out of the snail as it succumbs to the fire.

But is it a happy surprise? Not really. The two eat the meat of the snail, but it is done without joy or a celebration. The meat tastes less than optimal and certainly “not like chicken” according to Alex.

In fact, they describe the meat texture being like the skin of a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, crackling and dry. None of the savory flavors that come with the turkey.

Alex at least sees the means to the end and says: “This is a huge win for us it’ll help bring back some more life and Holly and give us
more energy I’m happy.”

Exclusive look at the large snail meal

Watch as Holly and Alex score a protein-filled meal as the two are really depleted and need something to help them continue with the challenge on Naked and Afraid:

Naked and Afraid airs on Sunday at 8 pm on Discovery.

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