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Naked and Afraid exclusive: Deep cut on foot while hacking away in the jungle

Sara gets a deep cut while competing on Naked and Afraid. Pic credit: Discovery

On Sunday’s Naked and Afraid, a careless “rookie” mistake may cost one Naked and Afraid survivalist her chance to make the distance in the Mexican jungle.

In our exclusive clip, Sara Burkett takes over hacking away at the slender young trees in the jungle as Bulent has worn out.

She is using what looks to be a cross between a machete and a large Bowie knife that has a notch.

As she is hacking away and talking about the structure they plan on making, in just a split second, she accidentally opens up a huge cut on the top of her foot.

In the jungle without first aid, she is running the risk of sepsis — which can lead to death.

Naked and Afraid in the Mexican jungle

Two survivalists, Sara Burkett and Bulent Gurcan, are back for redemption in the humid sweltering Mexican jungle. Torrential downpours, competing survival styles, and a machete accident threaten to send them home early.

When asked by Blount County, Tennessee local news about the criteria for contestants like local hopeful Sara Burkett, Discovery said that it was “a rigorous process to be a survivalist on Naked and Afraid.”

They added: “We find people from both videos they submit as well as on ongoing nationwide, even worldwide search. Once they are under consideration, the candidates go through a thorough evaluation process that looks at their primitive survival skills, physical abilities and mental toughness.”

Promoting her appearance on Sunday, Sara Burkett said on Facebook: “This was an amazing life changing experience. Thank you to everyone for supporting me in my adventures.”

Sara says she loves the outdoors and that nature inspires her. She appeared on Naked and Afraid Season 10 and now 12. On her Facebook page, she describes herself as a “Survivalist” who can kayak, camp, spelunk, hike, and more. She adds: “ruly anything outdoors.”

Bulent is from Washington state by way of Turkey, and he posts a lot of memes on his Facebook page as well.

Exclusive preview of Naked and Afraid

In our clip, we see Bulent run out of gas as he is chopping slender trees for shelter building, and Sara takes over. As she is chopping, she loses focus and accidentally gashes the top of her foot. She instantly realizes an injury like this — though not life-threatening — can take her right out of the competition due to an infection:

Naked And Afraid airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

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