Mysteries of the Abandoned exclusive: ‘World’s Strangest Disaster Zones’ kicks off premiere


Mysteries of the Abandoned
The great buildings of Mysteries of the Abandoned all can face an eerie and empty future; the stories they hold are fascinating. Pic credit: Science Channel

Science Channel has an exciting week ahead for fans of quality and informative reality TV. Their top-rated series Mysteries of the Abandoned is back for a new season on Science Channel this week.

The deserted and the forgotten will be front and center in the eerie docuseries that examines the ruins and remains of former bustling places and businesses that became forgotten in time.

Think of this as a treasure hunt, not for gold, but for the once-bustling places that time forgot.  The network is adept at these great explores, recently airing Attila’s Lost Tomb in a similar spirit of rediscovery.

What is on the premier of Mysteries of the Abandoned [MOTA]?

The producers traveled the world in the search for large buildings and places once teeming with humanity now fallow, abandoned.

They found a high-tech installation atop the wild mountains of Alaska. Then went to ruins with a past on the border of North Korea. They also found a pirate city considered “depraved” and lost beneath the waves.

It matters little where, from congested city centers to the outer limits of the human population, the farthest reaches of the planet one can find deserted sites – sites with stories to tell.

And researching these unique stories is the work of Science Channel executive producer Neil Laird with Like A Shot Productions, and their executive producers Henry Scott and Bruce Burgess.

In an all-new season of this top-rated series for the network, the experts examine the physical remains of engineering accomplishments, marvels of masonry, steel, and human effort. They explore the haunted shells of what we call ghost towns and employ the latest technology, including CGI, in attempts to recreate what was and, in doing so, discover some secrets that were left behind.

The new season of MOTA begins with a special two-hour episode: The World’s Strangest Disaster Zones.

What is The World’s Strangest Disaster Zones?

In this special episode, Science Channel shares that there are sites consumed by destructive forces and these places that will take center stage.

They write:

“[The] incredible human stories of struggle and survival come to the fore. Crossing the globe, the episode features a deserted Caribbean city partly buried in a mysterious substance, Indonesian villages swallowed by the earth, Taiwanese temples turned to rubble, an American ghost-town that still burns today, and an otherworldly landscape in eastern Africa that proved too hard to tame.

There will be a few that fell victim to the voracious pace of time and mother nature, and some that were victims of the “hubris of mankind.”

Global impact and the catastrophes that created the abandonment are covered too. As the journey through these disaster zones unfolds, their secrets and stories emerge.

We head to the east coast of Japan, a vast area where the triple nuclear disaster has created a partial lockdown to this day. People had just minutes to pack up and leave their homes behind with no idea when they might return.

Science Channel goes there and explores these hidden places to help unravel the story and show the incredible efforts being made to recover lost structures that could be resurrected.

Science Channel says:

“On the other side of the planet, on the edge of the arctic circle, is a town that appears perfectly normal on the surface but masks a surprising danger. It’s a place tucked away in the frozen north, yet it holds the title of the fastest-heating place on earth, and with that crown comes a deadly threat that could have far reaching consequences.

Exclusive preview of Mysteries of the Abandoned

Watch the latest sizzle reel showing the new season highlights of Mysteries of the Abandoned:

Mysteries of the Abandoned airs Thursday, with the premiere on March 26, at 9/8c on Science Channel.

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