Mysteries of the Abandoned exclusive: Nazi compounds, WWII resistance bunkers and sunken pirate cities

An ancient pirate stronghold is being consumed by the sea, but who built it and why? Pic credit: Science Channel

On tonight’s episode of Mysteries of the Abandoned on Science Channel, we visit a former Nazi compound, a city built by pirates being absorbed into the sea, and see more unexplained and mysterious remnants of what was once filled with humanity.

The toll of time has rendered these places empty, with stories untold.

Think of this as a treasure hunt, not for gold, but for the once-bustling places that time forgot.

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The network is adept at these great explores, recently airing Attila’s Lost Tomb in a similar spirit of rediscovery.

What happens tonight on Mysteries of the Abandoned?

The exclusive clip takes us to what is described as a merciless complex designed for suffering. The experts interviewed share that there are dormitories and perhaps classrooms and workshops too.

Could it be that producers found a Third Reich landmark built on the Baltic Sea coast?

This abandoned stretch of buildings was a resort Hitler built between 1936 and 1939 next to beautiful beaches for working-class Germans, one that NPR writes was: “grandiose even by Nazi standards.”

These concrete dormitories reportedly are six-stories high and 550-yards wide, built along 2.8 miles of coastline on the northern island of Ruegen.

The clip also teases the big mystery of a sunken pirate city drenched in what producers call infamy. The harbor walls are crumbling into the sea, and the whole area left to collapse.

And featured is a shadowy subterranean complex critical to defeating Hitler, with one expert remarking that the structure and labor used to make the doors was remarkable.

Tune in tonight to see these abandoned relics with huge backstories.

Never in your wildest dreams can you imagine what lies beyond these decaying relics and ruins of lost worlds, forged through years of toil, now haunted by the past their secrets waiting to be revealed.

What is Mysteries of the Abandoned [MOTA]?

The producers traveled the world in the search for large buildings and places once teeming with humanity that now sits fallow, abandoned.

They found a high-tech installation atop the wild mountains of Alaska. Then went to ruins with a past on the border of North Korea. They also found a pirate city considered “depraved” and lost beneath the waves.

From congested city centers to the outer limits of the human population to the farthest reaches of the planet, people can find deserted sites with stories to tell.

Researching these unique stories is the work of Science Channel executive producer Neil Laird with Like A Shot Productions, and their executive producers Henry Scott and Bruce Burgess.

In an all-new season of this top-rated series for the network, the experts examine the physical remains of engineering accomplishments — marvels of masonry, steel, and human effort.

They explore the haunted shells of what we call ghost towns and employ the latest technology, including CGI, in attempts to recreate what was.

In doing so, they discover secrets that were left behind.

The new season of MOTA began with the special two-hour episode: The World’s Strangest Disaster Zones.

Exclusive preview of Mysteries of the Abandoned

Watch the sizzle for tonight’s exciting adventure with Mysteries of the Abandoned:

Mysteries of the Abandoned

Mysteries of the Abandoned airs Thursday at 9/8c on Science Channel.

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