Myrla Feria shows off toned abs in gym selfie

Myrla Feria shares the workout routine to achieve her tones abs.
Myrla Feria is serious about her fitness routine. Pic credit: Lifetime

Myrla Feria is not one to shy away from the gym. In fact, the Married at First Sight star has been transparent about her love of working out and staying fit.

While she has credited her fitness routine for helping her unwind after work, it doesn’t hurt that her dedication and discipline help her look fabulous in just about anything she wears.

Now, after increasing her workouts and focusing on specific goals, Myrla is showing the world why consistency in the gym is important.

She recently posted a selfie showing off her incredibly toned abs, proving that all her hard work has paid off in a major way.

Since her time on MAFS has ended, Myrla has been focused on herself and transforming areas of her life where she felt she needed improvements.

Working out has clearly become a priority for her as she has even begun sharing tips and secrets with her followers to help them achieve their own fitness goals.

Myrla Feria shares her workout routine

While rocking a black sports bra and black floral leggings, Myrla shared a piece of the workout routine that helped created her rock-hard abs.

Myrla Feria shows off her abs and shares the workout routine she uses to stay fit.
Myrla Feria shares part of her workout routine. Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

She added a screenshot to her post revealing some of the exercises she does to stay fit. Her workouts include deadlifts, a variety of squats, and lunges.

According to Myrla’s post, she divides her workout into three rounds while rotating the exercises. She also completes each move while carrying a 25-pound dumbbell.

It’s clear that in addition to having great abs, Myrla’s workouts have helped sculpt her arms, legs and backside as well.

MAFS star Myrla Feria is dating again

After her split from Gil Cuero, Myrla took some time for herself and remained single. She spent a lot of her free time with fellow MAFS alums like Rachel Gordillo and Johnny Lam.

Myrla traveled, enjoyed local events where she lives, and of course, focused on working out and keeping up with her fitness regimen. She did not share any clue that she was ready to date again until recently.

As she began sharing more of her life on social media, Myrla sporadically began sharing a sneak peek of the new man in her life. She has posted the two of them dining out and spending time with her puppies. She has also shown them enjoying an evening inside while playing video games.

While her fans have seen parts of his face, Myrla has not fully revealed her new man just yet. She has not shared his name or any details about how they met or how long they’ve been seeing each other. Perhaps Myrla is not ready for the world to be fully invested in her love life once again.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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