Mykenna Dorn shares why she chose to go public with boyfriend, reveals if he watched The Bachelor

Mykenna Dorn
Mykenna Dorn drops details about her new boyfriend. Pic credit: ABC

Mykenna Dorn has gone public with her boyfriend, Lynden Enger.

Bachelor Nation stars and fans are thrilled about Mykenna finding love and have been eager to know more about her and her man.

Recently, Mykenna answered questions about her relationship and why she felt now was the time to make the big reveal.

Mykenna Dorn details how she got her boyfriend to go public

Mykenna Dorn took to her Instagram Stories to catch up with fans and allowed them to ask her anything. 

After her big boyfriend reveal, fans’ naturally had lots of questions regarding her relationship.

One follower asked, “What made you decide to go public with the bf?”

In her reply, Mykenna re-shared the beach photo of her and Lynden Enger that was used in their ‘hard launch’ relationship announcement. 

Mykenna responded, “I actually made a video to post but then we planned this last minute trip and I thought it would be a cute way to introduce him to you all.” 

Mykenna admitted to bugging her boyfriend to go public, saying, “I bugged him all day on Thursday and was like ‘babe today is the day!!’” with a laughing emoji. 

The Bachelor Season 24 star continued, “So I showed him a bunch of photos from our trip and let him pick the one and then the girls and I sat for like an hour trying to decide a caption before I posted.” 

Sharing a fun fact, Mykenna wrote, “Fun fact I’ve actually been posting on my close friends’ story, videos and photos of us for MONTHS. So close friends saw it first!” 

Mykenna Dorn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Mykenna Dorn reveals if Lynden Ender recognized her from The Bachelor 

One of Mykenna’s followers asked, “Did your bf recognize you from the Bach franchise?” 

Mykenna replied, “Nope! He doesn’t watch the show,” which she appeared to be relieved by with a set of clapping and praise hands emojis. 

Mykenna continued, “He did watch some clips of me on Youtube after we started dating though…fml. but that’s about it.” 

Mykenna Dorn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Fans of Mykenna can potentially look forward to the Bachelor Nation star doing a Q&A with Lynden at some point as she wrote, “lol I feel like this is becoming a relationship q&a. maybe I’ll get him to do a q&a with me one day!” 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.