Mykenna Dorn reveals how she met her mysterious new boyfriend

Mykenna Dorn smiles
Mykenna Dorn has a new man but she’s keeping him private. Pic credit: ABC

After trying to find love on both The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Mykenna Dorn finally found love with her current boyfriend. 

Although Mykenna is dating, she has yet to fully reveal the identity of her boyfriend.

When fans inquired about her new relationship, Mykenna took some time out to address how she met her boyfriend and also explain why the couple has opted to remain more private. 

Mykenna Dorn details the way she serendipitously met her new boyfriend 

Mykenna Dorn took to her Instagram stories and allowed her fans to ask her questions. 

One fan wrote, “How did you meet your new man ? will we ever get to ‘meet’ him? ☺️” 

Answering the first half of that question, Mykenna revealed the special way she met her boyfriend, stating, “We matched on an app but never actually started a conversation until one Saturday night. Mid chat we realized we were both at the same restaurant.” 

Mykenna Dorn explains that her boyfriend is more private than she is 

Mykenna then proceeded to explain why she hasn’t shared her boyfriend’s identity since it seems some of her fans are irritated that they haven’t got to fully see her significant other on social media yet. 

Mykenna wrote, “Also, let me clear some things up because some of you are annoyed that I haven’t shared his identity on here yet lol. My boyfriend’s a lot more private when it comes to social media than I am. He understands this is what I do, but it’s just gonna take him some to get used to it all.”

Mykenna continued, “So that’s why I’ve been doing the sneaky stories that don’t include his face lol. It allows me to share these fun and exciting moments that are happening in my life while still respecting his privacy.” 

While Mykenna is keeping her boyfriend’s identity private for now, she did confirm that she plans to introduce him on social media at some point. 

Mykenna expressed, “You will eventually meet him on here but you might have to wait a bit.”

Fortunately, Mykenna appears fulfilled in the relationship as she shared, “I’m very happy! He’s an incredible guy and I can’t wait to share more when we’re both ready!” 

Mykenna Dorn IG story
Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Mykenna has had a lot of experience pursuing love publicly on national television and so it seems she’s enjoying the change of pace as she explores a more private relationship with her boyfriend. 

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24th at 8/7c on ABC. 

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