My 600-lb. Life: Where is Kirsten Perez now?

Kirsten Perez.
After her appearance on Season 5 of My 600-lb. Life, has Kirsten Perez kept up with a healthier lifestyle? Pic credit: TLC

My 600-lb. Life star Kirsten Perez was originally featured on the hit TLC show back in Season 5.

At the time, the then-38-year-old was struggling with where her life had ended up. She admitted that she showered herself less due to her fear of falling.

Her weight had taken a drastic toll on the overall well-being of her life, and she relied heavily on her mother to meet her basic needs.

By the time Kirsten made the journey from her home in Longview, Washington, to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, affectionately known as Dr. Now, Kirsten had all but given up on herself and had very little confidence that she’d be able to turn her life around.

While speaking to producers during a confessional, Kirsten further confessed she felt she was never good enough for her father and constantly felt compared to her brother when they were children.

Her journey became more complicated by Kirsten’s refusal to attend therapy at Dr. Now’s request.

Given how stressful her experience had become, has Kirsten been able to lose weight and maintain her weight loss?

My 600-lb. Life’s Kirsten Perez’s weight loss journey

Beginning her journey at 612 lbs., Kirsten seemingly had her work cut out for her when she arrived at Dr. Now’s Houston clinic.

However, her reluctance to enter therapy resulted in an ultimatum from the doctor, telling her he wouldn’t move forward with her treatment unless she agreed to see a therapist.

Thankfully, Kirsten managed to get on board with her program and lost an impressive and life-changing 170 pounds by the time her documented journey on the show had ended.

Where is Kirsten Perez now?

Following her appearance on My 600-lb. Life, Kirsten moved her life back to Washington. According to her social media, Kirsten still resides in Longview.

Although she hasn’t updated her pictures in a few years, Kirsten did share a few photos of herself after being on the show in 2016.

The pictures showcased her slimmer figure, and Kirsten seemed happy with her ability to get around more freely.

Screenshot of Kirsten Perez.
Pic credit: @Kirsten Perez/Facebook

Kirsten received supportive messages from those who had seen her progress and let her know all her hard effort was paying off.

comments on kirsten perez's facebook photo
Pic credit: @Kirsten Perez/Facebook

“Wow you look wonderful! Keep up the great job!” one comment read.

Another echoed the sentiment, “Wow!!! You have done amazingly, my friend. Great job!”

My 600-lb. Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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