My 600-lb Life: Where is Kelly Mason now?

Kelly Mason.
Kelly Mason admitted she used food as a coping mechanism when life got tough. Was she able to successfully lose weight with the help of Dr. Now? Pic credit: TLC

Kelly Mason’s story resonated deeply with viewers and fans of My 600-lb Life.

Appearing in Season 7 of the hit TLC show, Kelly made it clear from the beginning that she was motivated to get her life and her health on track.

When she was first introduced to viewers, Kelly was near immobile and spent the majority of her life confined to her bed.

By the time her episode aired, fans of the show were impressed by Kelly’s determination and perseverance despite her weight having reached a peak of 725 pounds.

Kelly made her way to Houston, Texas, to meet with Dr. Nowzaradan, who got real with Kelly about the severity of her health and urged her to take her weight loss seriously for fear she wouldn’t live much longer.

The then 41-year-old jumped into her weight-loss program with full force and started to make serious changes to her life. So, where is Kelly now?

Kelly Mason impressed My 600-lb Life viewers with commitment to weight loss

During her episode, Kelly was admitted to Dr. Nowzaradan, also referred to as Dr. Now’s program.

Kelly confessed her food addiction was incredibly debilitating for her and that she tended to turn to food in order to shove down any of her intense emotions.

But that didn’t stop her.

With the help of the program’s guidelines, Kelly managed to lose over 220 pounds on her own and was approved for weight loss surgery.

Following her successful weight loss surgery, Kelly lost another impressive 100 pounds and was under 400 pounds by the end of her documented journey.

Where is Kelly now?

Unfortunately for Kelly, her health had deteriorated beyond repair by the time she found herself at Dr. Now’s clinic, and she passed away while her season of My 600-lb Life was still airing.

Kelly suffered from several pre-existing health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and arthritis, just to name a few.

Her health issues were discussed with Dr. Now, and Kelly admitted she didn’t want to die.

However, at the end of her episode, viewers learned through a phone call made to Dr. Now that despite her new outlook on life, Kelly had passed away in her sleep.

“Kelly was battling with her heart condition for a long time,” Dr. Now said at the time. “Considering the condition that Kelly’s heart has been in, this news is not completely unexpected.”

Dr. Now continued to share his disappointment and grief, stating he had hoped they’d be able to turn her life around together.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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