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My 600-lb Life update: Here’s what Milla Clark is up to now

My 600-lb Life update: Here's what Milla Clark is up to now
Milla Clark is one of My 600-lb Life’s biggest success stories. Pic credit: milla600lbjourney/Instagram.

Since appearing on My 600-lb Life season 4, Milla Clark has become known as one of the show’s biggest losers and in the best way possible. At the start of her episode, she weighed 750 pounds and was bedridden. As a result, she relied on her five children to take care of her.

At that time, she’d been unable to walk without help for over a decade. As Milla noted on the show, she had a mixed relationship with food since childhood. Food was seen as her “mother’s warmth” to the reality star, and not eating when offered was seen as rejection.

That began a cycle where Milla would eat anything that was offered, so her weight shot up. That only turned around once she appeared on the TLC show. Not even the death of her husband could keep her off track, as she’s still committed to keeping the weight off.

Milla Clark’s massive weight loss since My 600-lb Life

Since leaving My 600-lb Life, Milla Clark has actually lost about 600 pounds. At 155 pounds, she’s just shy of the show’s namesake and looks drastically different than viewers might be accustomed to.

As she’s noted, she’s lost as much weight as “about 3 to 4 people” weigh combined. She’s also kept this off and remains much healthier than she used to be. Milla has had several more surgeries since then, with some to remove her excess skin.

She also had a double-knee replacement, something which helped her become completely mobile again. Throughout this time, she’s kept My 600-lb Life fans updated through her social media accounts.

That’s led to her becoming much less reliant on her children, whose lives she believed she was ruining.

Sticking with her family

Milla Clark has also looked to give back to her five children. Her Instagram account is full of posts where she declares how proud she is of the children. Now that she’s mobile and back on her feet, she’s much less reliant on them. It certainly seems like she’s enjoying her time with them much more.

There have been a few times where the star has slipped up, however. As she’s said in the past, there have been a few occasions where she put on weight. She’s gotten this back under control, however, and has managed to shed them back off.

A self-described “foodaholic,” Milla looks unrecognizable to fans today and she’s sticking with Dr. Now’s plan to keep her weight off.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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