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My 600-lb Life update: Chay Guillory got married and she looks fabulous

Chay has dramatically altered not just her weight, but she transitioned to becoming a woman too on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Chay Guillory/Instagram
Chay has dramatically altered not just her weight, but she transitioned to becoming a woman too on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Chay Guillory/Instagram

There’s happy news from My 600-lb Life cast alum Chay Guillory, who has announced her marriage.

Not all the news coming from the My 600-lb Life camp is dire, as lawsuits are piling up, and one lawyer in Houston has made it his mission to shut down the series.

On the Where Are They Now side, Chay Guillory is a married woman, now going by Chay Mulvey.

She had to get to 550 pounds to qualify for surgery. It was during the course of this process that Chay came out as a transgendered woman.

“I am indeed a trans woman, my gender identity was definitely part of the cause of why I overate,” she said in her episode.

The last two years of Chay’s life were one of complete transformation, not just losing the weight but recognizing she needed to be out as a woman and live as a trans woman and begin the process of transitioning her gender.

But her path to the new life wasn’t easy, and in the beginning, she revealed she had a lot of anger towards her mother. She lived with her grandparents, moving in with them at age 15 to get away from her.

Then the weight gain took her to 600 pounds before she was 23 years old.

Her mother was an addict, and they finally had the conversations that they needed to have to clear the air.

“I know I am not going to be alive much longer,” she said in her original broadcast.

She had to show Dr. Nowzaradan she could stick to his diet to lose weight and asked her grandmother for help. Disaster struck when her grandmother died.

Dr. Now sent Chay to Stephanie the therapist to get a handle on her anger and her feelings.

Where is Chay now?

Chay has used her social media, especially Instagram, to reveal that she is indeed married and very happy:

On her Instagram, she wrote: “Did a thing. Got married”

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Did a thing. Got married

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Chay had qualified for skin removal surgery, and now has changed her mind about her name change, originally reported as Lola.

She is keeping Chay and using all of her social networking to reach out to other trans women and people in the weight loss struggle.

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Feeling fierce in icu

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Who did Chay marry?

Now Chay is married to Patrick, and the two look very happy.

Congratulations, and we are glad that My 600-lb Life the experience worked out so well for Chay Guillory, who faced two major life changes during the filming of the series.

During her episode of Where Are They Now, Chay noted she needed to find support groups for trans women to help with her process and getting her family to accept her new reality.

She and Patrick used Instagram a lot to express their thanks to fans and fellow 600-lb cast members who followed her journey too.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday on TLC.

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