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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Single mom Ashley Bernard faces do or die time for her kids

Ashley Bernard
Ashley is in tears as she realizes it is now or never, and her two kids really need her. Pic credit: TLC.

On tonight’s My 600-lb Life, the reality of motherhood has collided with bad health as Ashley Bernard must make a decision.

She needs to embrace the fact she has let herself get out of control and the idea that she is responsible for not one, but two human beings.

Does she want her children to have the trauma that she endured as a child?

Of course not.

What is happening on My 600-lb Life?

At 600lbs, Ashley had to move back into her mother’s home so her mom could help her to take care of herself and her children, which includes a newborn daughter.

Hopefully, this My 600-lb Life will not end up in a litigious mire like several other stories the past few seasons.

Now. mother-of-two Ashley must overcome a lifetime’s worth of unfortunate circumstances and seek out Dr. Now’s help in Houston so she can function as a mother.

Ashley Bernard’s plan all along was to get her life together and lose weight so she could be the mother her daughter deserved. Her plan was weight-loss surgery, because, at over 600 pounds, her future is bedbound.

When child number two came along, her hopes for weight loss went out the door. She knew she was not going to qualify for the gastric sleeve.

Twice a single mother, with no man and an 11-year-old looking after her nine-month-old, along with the dwindling ability to take care of either of them, let alone herself, Ashley needs help getting her life back on track.

She knows it is now or never, and it’s time to reconsider getting that weight-loss surgery. So she contacts Dr. Now in Houston, but will he agree to take her on, and is she serious about changing her eating habits?

The good news is that Dr. Now takes her on, but surgery will not solve all of Ashley’s problems, and she must show the doctor she can sort through the emotional baggage and trauma that fed her bad habits and got her to the bad place.

TLC noted Ashley’s core issues, saying:

But breaking her habits and changing her relationship with food which has always been a relief from, and a defense from, all of life’s difficulties, is going to prove difficult for Ashley, who struggles at first to hit the weight loss goals that Dr. Now sets out for her. But Ashley has a lot of support from her family, particularly her sister Tiffanie who is committed to doing whatever it takes to help Ashley lose weight and get a better life for herself and her two daughters.

See our exclusive preview of Ashley Bernard on My 600-lb Life:

The simple act of getting up and out of bed is an ordeal for Ashley, who relies on sister Tiffanie to hoist her up as her older child watches the baby:

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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