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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Shantel and Carlton’s sibling food addiction is out of control

Shantel equates food with security and love, can she overcome this addiction with her equally afflicted brother? Pic credit: TLC.
Shantel equates food with security and love, can she overcome this addiction with her equally afflicted brother? Pic credit: TLC.

On tonight’s episode of My 600-lb Life, we meet a pair of siblings who have used food to medicate and find peace and joy in their traumatic lives.

What transpired in the histories of Shantel Oglesby and Carlton Oglesby is revealed in this episode tonight and proves unhealthy eating habits can be shared by family members, to the point of morbid obesity.

Can Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a medical expert and key cast member of this series in Houston, TX make a difference for the two siblings who are flirting with an early death?

First, we need to get to know the Oglesby’s.

Who are Shantel and Carlton on My 600-lb Life?

Shantel and her younger brother Carlton Oglesby both had to leave their homes to move back to their mother’s house because their individual weight gain was completely out of control.

The two suffered as children, and they need extra help doing basic things now that they are disabled by their weight. In the video, Shantel explains how she shielded her baby brother from her father’s abuse aimed at her mother.

Food was the diversion and the source of love for the two who lived in fear and watched their mother in an untenable domestic abuse situation that neither child was equipped to handle.

The two are literally housebound because of their size.

Despite not having left their mother’s house in a long time, they made a leap of faith and moved to Houston to try to get Dr. Nowzaradan’s medical intervention before their mutual food addiction leads one or both of them to an early death.

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The drive to Houston

The two are packed up and sent down by transport to Houston. The two go in separate vehicles.

So, they set off on a difficult one-way drive without even knowing if Dr. Now believes they are ready and will accept them into his weight loss program.

Shantel rides in one car with her husband and three children, while Carlton is in another with his internet girlfriend Monica, whom he just met for the first time in-person.

Even after overcoming the difficulties of a long and painful trip, the challenges are piling up for the Oglesby’s, who on paper want to change, but are they doing the work? That’s another issue.

Once they get to Houston and meet with Dr. Now, the game is on as he sternly directs them to follow his orders, and does more than just prescribe a diet and exercise to change their lives. He has to get inside their heads.

Why? To break the dysfunctional dynamic of a brother and sister who have always loved food together, it will require psychology. These two have spent a lifetime of eating the wrong feel-good foods together in a cycle of enabling.

Dr. Now will have to get Carlton and Shantel to dismantle, root out trauma, and rebuild their entire relationship.

Exclusive preview of My 600-lb Life subjects Shantel and Carlton:

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7C on TLC

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