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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Seana Collins at 700lbs is scared to go back to Houston to see Dr. Now

Seana from TLC My 600 Lb Life
Seana by the numbers: 700 pounds at 23 years old. Can she commit to changing? Pic credit: TLC

On the next My 600-lb Life, we meet Seana Collins who is just 23 and nearly 700 lbs. She gained unimaginable amounts of weight as she grew up, yet she keeps on shoveling the calories in. Now, maybe she has reached her breaking point.

She is living at her mom’s house, depressed and anxious. Her weight-gain is threatening to take her last breath.

As we know the drill with this show, Dr. Now can give her the tools she needs to live, but until she chooses her own life, no one can save Seana but herself. Will she follow the program? Or will she fade away and languish?

What happens to Seana Collins

Our exclusive clip is after the fact of her first visit with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan down in Houston Texas, as she tells her friend that she is scared to death to see him for fear of disappointing him. “I’m hoping if I can lose like Dr. Now tells me to lose and I can move down to Texas, that he’ll tell me I can do his program,” Seana says.

Seana also says her mother will keep taking care of her, and even help her get down to Texas. Her friend asks her how she feels about moving to Texas, and Seana says she is nervous and scared.

She is excited and has regrets about losing all the papers Dr. Now gave her with the exercises and food lists. She fears Dr. Now will kick her out of the program. A month has passed since her meeting with him and she owes him a call.

Logistics of getting her to Houston seem to be an issue too.

She says, “My life literally rests in this man’s hands, I don’t want to call Dr. Now. I just don’t want him to be upset, I just want to do the diet like I am now…but it’s not easy.”

You may be wondering what Dr. Now’s diet look likes. The restrictive diet keeps the person at 1,200 calories a day with virtually no carbohydrates and lots of water. No soda, refined sugars, bread or fried food allowed, which is approximately 99% f the diet of most of these patients.

Will Seana’s story ever make it to Where Are They Now? Or will she be another plaintiff in a long list of litigants?

Based on her lack of social media posting or visibility online, there is a very good chance it will make it as the network loves to keep the success stories under wraps for the big reveal.

Hopefully, Seana will stick to the diet, rip the bandage off, and call Dr. Now so she can get on with it while she is still so young.  Time is truly on her side if she gets busy with it.

See our exclusive preview of Seana on My 600-lb Life

Watch as Seana explains her fears to her friend ahead of moving down to Houston in this exclusive video clip.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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