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My 600-lb Life exclusive preview: Travis Henry is a true food addict who gets a rush from his meals

Travis Henry had a life then he ate it away, but what is eating at him? Pic credit: TLC.
Travis Henry had a life then he ate it away, but what is eating at him? Pic credit: TLC.

We have an exclusive clip from this week’s My 600-lb Life from TLC, and it features musician Travis Henry. He’s a man trapped in a large body who is clearly addicted to food and not showing any signs of stopping his behavior.

Travis Henry enjoys eating, probably more than most people he says. “That first meal is always the best,” Henry said in his comments. His wife Yasmin brings his breakfast and the whole plate is covered in layers of fatty carbohydrate filled food.

Stacks of pancakes, sausages, bacon, eggs and a bowl of biscuits and gravy. That kicks off a long day filled with more snacks and food deliveries before Yasmin is home to cook him a large dinner. And from the looks of it, he likely eats close to 20,000 calories a day based on the footage.

And this is on the heels of the previous weeks when My 600-lb Life subject Gina Krassley could not stop eating. Later, it was discovered she might be an adult BBW model, and she was defying weight loss medic Dr. Nowzaradan’s orders and diet. All of that was seemingly running her life off the rails.

Now we will see how dedicated (or not) Travis is to re-mapping his brain when it comes to food. It will have to change as he is eating himself into an early grave.

What is Travis in store for when he gets to Houston?

Dr. Now’s famous 1,200 calories per day diet strictly limits carbohydrate foods like pasta, bread, and rice. It also limits the person to a healthy portion of protein cooked lean with steamed vegetables. It is a night and day switch for someone like Travis who bathes his carbs in fats like cheese, gravy, and butter.

He eats way too much deep-fried food, a big no-no on Dr. Now’s diet plan. Bread has to go completely bye-bye too, so sandwiches become wraps with lettuce, and no soft drinks whatsoever are allowed either.

Travis Henry’s struggle spotlighted on My 600-lb Life

Underneath all that colossal weight lies a musician. Travis is a talented drummer, a keyboardist, and a songwriter but his weight has put an end to all of that.

And ironically, it was a shared love of making music that originally brought Travis together with his wife Yasmin, who sings. But being over 600 lbs makes it virtually impossible for Travis to play instruments. Travis is depressed and clearly addicted to food as he has lost the will to write. As big as he is, he’s lost his confidence and desire to be seen in public.

In the episode, we learn that Travis and Yasmin move in with his mom to get help with his weight issues, but things have only gotten worse since then, and mom and wife are both losing patience with him.

The episode on Wednesday will see Travis at his worst and then the light bulb epiphany moment when Travis learns he can change if he sees Dr. Now and gets the help himself. All he wants to do now is to right his ship and get his life back on track.

But like many other patients, he goes through the denial and anger stages. He will likely have two-steps forward one step back moments, as it was suggested by the network that Travis may expect Dr. Now to provide some magic solution.

There’s no magic. It’s time to limit calories and try to move. Travis is about to find out that even with Dr. Now’s help, the journey to getting his future back might mean reconciling his childhood traumas and the pain of his past.

If he wants to be a musician, play music, and give Yasmin the dream wedding he always promised her, first he’ll have to face the core issues that led to his food addictions and unwillingness to eat properly. However, that change is easier said than done.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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