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My 600-lb Life exclusive: Homeless Hernandez brothers last chance for health and a home

The Hernandez brothers
The Hernandez brothers are homeless and in need of Dr. Now’s help on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

On Wednesday night’s heart wrenching My 600-lb Life, we have two homeless brothers, one who is over 600 pounds and at risk of becoming desperately ill and losing any chance of living a normal life.

Both men are sticking together and trying to find more permanent shelter.

It will take an incredible chain of events and overall effort to get James Hernandez and Dominic Hernandez down to Houston to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for help with weight loss and therapy.

Who is featured on My 600-lb Life?

At over 600-lbs, Dominic Hernandez is only 37 years old, yet he is too large and unhealthy to have any employment.

Things are made worse for him when he and his older brother James Hernandez, who is 44 years old, had their family house sold out from under them recently.

This move rendered them homeless, forced to live on the streets as part of a wave of families caught in the growing problem of unaffordable rents and housing options in their home state of California.

We learn in the episode that all they could think to do was to buy a van to shelter in with what little cash they had.

Homeless and living off government general aid assistance and food stamps, Dominic’s food choices, unfortunately, have all been the cheap salty and fatty processed food snacks and fast-food carbs that are filling, but pack on pounds fast.

The news of these two brothers’ reality and their dire situation shocks Dr. Now into silence for a split-second in our exclusive clip.

The good news in all of this is that the two brothers are determined to stick together, as James tells Dr. Now he is there for little brother Dom as “moral support.”

With Dominic seesawing in his weight gains and losses, having his brother James there for him will hopefully help in his bid to lose weight.

James is overweight too, but he does not have the critical weight issues of Dominic.

And Dominic knows that he needs help to turn his life around before it is too late.

When one of the last remaining cousins they can rely on lends them a bit of money to drive to Houston and meet with Dr. Now and get his help, Dominic and James realize this is the one chance they have to get Dominic well.

They must stay the course and undertake whatever it is that Dr. Now says to save Dominic’s life, or he’ll eat himself to death.

The obstacles are money and access.

Dominic and James must secure stable housing with a proper kitchen where Dominic can end the fast food habit and begin healthy eating options and cultivate good food choices he needs to live a healthy life.

But old habits die hard. The situation regarding the van and no home compound means that Dom and James spent years and years living in unhealthy ways, and it will take a lot of focused effort to change this reality.

Will Dominic wake up to the reality of what a dangerous situation he is in before it is too late? And can he can take responsibility for what he must do to change his eating habits and save himself?

Dom has stretched his body in ways that few folks in his situation ever rebound, and time is one precious thing Dominic might not have on his side.

If he wants to live, can he find the strength to change his diet and start moving to save his life?

Exclusive preview of My 600-lb Life Hernandez brothers

The intake interview begins with Dr. Now as he takes information from James and Dominic Hernandez as they explain to him they are strapped for money and have no real home, living in a van.

Then Dominic is honest about the “bad food” he eats and tells Dr. Now what his typical diet consists of daily:

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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