MTV reveals Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd ‘shot at while driving’

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne underwent surgery after being shot at while driving with her two kids. Pic credit: @cheynotshy/Instagram

MTV revealed that Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd underwent surgery after being shot at while driving.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter has already promised plenty of drama during its inaugural season, combining the casts from Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2.

Cheyenne, a Teen Mom OG alum and one of the eight moms joining the cast, disclosed last month that she underwent surgery, telling her fans during an Instagram Q&A, “I wasn’t sick.. I had to have a surgery and I am recovering very well.”

Cheyenne first sparked concern when she shared photos of get-well gifts, flowers, and balloons in her kitchen, many of them from some of the other moms from the Teen Mom franchise. At the time, she told her fans that she was “focused on healing” but didn’t provide any details.

Now that Teen Mom fans know Cheyenne had surgery, MTV has provided some frightening details about why she was forced to go under the knife.

On MTV’s website, each of the eight moms in the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter cast has a short bio. Cheyenne’s shocking bio reads, “Cheyenne reveals she was shot at while driving her car with her children Ryder and Ace. She undergoes surgery for her injury and plans her dream wedding to Zach.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Cheyenne Floyd ‘shot at while driving’ with kids Ryder and Ace per MTV

MTV didn’t provide any further details, and Cheyenne hasn’t been able to either due to contract obligations. As Cheyenne told her IG followers, Teen Mom viewers can watch the story play out during Season 1 of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

“It’s hard to answer some questions because it will just lead to more questions and I would like to explain everything from the beginning so we just have to wait for TM to air.. that will explain everything,” Cheyenne told her fans.

cheyenne floyd's cast member bio on MTV's website for teen mom: the next chapter
Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne busy with filming, raising kids, and planning a wedding

Along with Cheyenne’s scary shooting incident, the California-based beauty also teased what else will be covered in her storyline on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Cheyenne is busy these days, between raising her two kids — 5-year-old Ryder, whom she shares with Cory Wharton, and 1-year-old Ace, whom she shares with Zach — hosting a podcast, building a new home, and filming for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, she also is putting the finishing touches on her and Zach’s wedding, scheduled next month.

The time crunch has Cheyenne admittedly “freaking out.” She recently divulged to PEOPLE, “I feel like every day I look at the calendar and I’m like, ‘Okay it’s getting closer,’ and then I look at my checklist and it’s not getting shorter, so things aren’t adding up right now.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 8/7c on MTV.

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