Mountain Monsters: What is the Grafton Monster that AIMS is tracking?

Mountain Monsters
Mountain Monsters is hunting the Grafton Monster. Pic credit: Discovery

When Mountain Monsters started its eighth season in 2022, the titles suggested they were searching for Big Foot.

However, as the A.I.M.S. team set out on their journey, they realized almost too late that Big Foot was not the target they were seeking out.

The first episode of Season 8 ended with the team realizing that something might be tracking them and that is when they learned the monster that they were seeking was very different.

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The episode got very scary and then the team realized they were possibly in the midst of the Grafton Monster in the Tygart Valley.

What is the Grafton Monster?

The Grafton Monster is a large humanoid cryptid that is believed to live in the forests around Grafton, West Virginia.

Grafton was a railroad boomtown surrounded by forests that is known for two things. This is the town that created Mother’s Day, and it is also home to the Grafton Monster.

The Grafton Monster is similar to a Big Foot, a large bi-pedal creature with no visible head and covered in white seal-like skin. It is rumored to be between seven and nine feet tall.

The first person to report seeing the Grafton Monster was Robert Cockrell, a reporter in 1964. When he returned with friends to search for it, they believed something was tracking them.

Since then, there have been over 20 other sightings of the Grafton Monster.

Robert Cockrell took his story to a writer of UFO phenomena, Gray Barker, and they researched and realized that Robert was not the first person – or the last – to spot this creature.

The Grafton Monster on Mountain Monsters

This is not the first time that the A.I.M.S. team has searched for the Grafton Monster on Mountain Monsters.

In Season 1, Episode 8, the A.I.M.S. team went to Taylor County, West Virginia, to investigate a huge bipedal predator nicknamed the “Headless Horror.”

They met with eyewitnesses, tracked the creature, and attempted to capture it inside of a massive wooden trap.

This was the Grafton Monster, and they didn’t capture it.

However, they found scratch marks on their trap and large footprints around it. The beast took the bait, though, and seemingly ate it on top of the trap.

The episode ended with the team arguing about not capturing it, but then growls from the woods startled them and they ended up preparing to open fire on the creature before Trapper called them off and they left empty-handed.

Mountain Monsters airs on Travel Channel and Discovery+ on Sunday nights at 8/7c.

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