Moonshiners exclusive: Nervous groom Tickle gets hammered before his wedding day

Tickle on Moonshiners
Tickle is given moonshine before his wedding, but is that a good plan? Pic credit: Discovery

On tonight’s hilarious edition of Moonshiners on Discovery, we have a classic case of the pre-wedding jitters as groom Tickle is mortified when he finds the guys setting out moonshine wedding favors.

The tables are set and his friends think they are doing a good thing until Tickle shows up. And it appears that the new missus-to-be has no clue as to the extent of his moonshining ways.

What happens before the wedding?

In our exclusive clip, we see Henry and Tim Smith and Kenny working hard, thoughtfully gathering up two cases of moonshine. Their master plan? Set the decorated wedding tables with bottles of it for the guests to sample.

The guys initially notice the tables are all set with name cards and placeholders, except that Kenny is not a fan of sitting at the unlucky Table 13, so he moves his place card to another one.

As the guys are putting out the shine and rearranging the placeholders in walks the nervous groom, Tickle. Looking a bit sweaty, he says: “What are y’all doing. fellers?”

The guys share the good news that they brought the liquor, but that makes Tickle appear even more beside himself as he tries to explain that his old lady set up the room just the way she wanted it. Which also means no moonshine on the tables thank you very much.

Tim and Henry see how stressed Tickle is and they offer him up sips of the shine, which brings back memories for Tickle. He seems to relax for a second then realizes he needs to make the shine disappear!

Fully anxious now, Tickle stutters and says: “We got…we gotta pick this stuff up, you know

Tim says that a light bulb is going off in his head — he realizes that Tickle has not come clean with the intended bride about the shine business.

Explaining his situation, Tickle says: “What are you… what I’m saying is this, if she [his bride-to-be] is not happy that something’s not right… she’s gonna wanna kill me! I’m doing everything I can to make this right.”

Now all the guys get it. Henry says: “Tickle worked for us all summer and he talked about this girl all summer long, and she’s from Northern Virginia. I’m just concerned, [does] she really know what he’s doing? Has he told her that he was a moonshiner? Or does he tell her that he’s uh…active [moonshiner] now?”

After the guys go around and gather up all the shine, they need to stash it somewhere and they find a closet in the room.

And our green-at-the-gills Tickle? He slugs back some moonshine, and says:  “Yeah [the shine] bring a whole lot of memories back…and just for right now…alright just for right now okay? Get this stuff [moonshine] out of sight!”

Exclusive preview of Moonshiners

On tonight’s episode, all of Appalachia turns out for Tickle’s first walk down the aisle. And Mark and Digger risk delivering strong shine and sweet justice.

Also tonight, Josh removes all obstacles that stood in his way all season while Mike gets served up some of his own medicine.

Moonshiners airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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