Moniece Slaughter claims Shaq told her to kill herself, reveals wild text conversation

Moniece claims she got an alarming text message from an old fling. Pic Credit: VH1

If Moniece Slaughter wanted confirmation that she and ex-Laker player Shaquille O’ Neal were on bad terms – she got it.

It’s been a few months since the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star revealed her previous fling with the basketball star.

It seems Shaq wasn’t happy with the news breaking, as Moniece claims he sent her a very alarming message.

It’s safe to say Shaq is no fan of Moniece Slaughter

In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show in September, when asked which celebrity she enjoyed dating the most, Moniece debated whether she should let the name slip of her famous fling.

Although she hesitated at first to name names, she later admitted it was none other than Shaq.

“He’s gonna kill me for that, but yeah,” she continued.

Their relationship goes all the way back to 2012 and lasted for about a year.

She claims his other women prompted him to text her


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It appears Shaq wasn’t happy about Moniece airing out their dirty laundry in her interview.

In a new clip — in which she describes Shaq as a “non-jolly giant” — she hinted that other women in his life were upset at what she said and prompted him to contact her.

In an effort to prove himself to the women in his life, Moniece claims he then sent her a message that he knew would hurt her.

She says she hadn’t spoken with “the big guy” in a while when of nowhere she received texts from his phone — including one telling her to “kill herself.”

Moniece has been open on her platform with her mental health issues in the past. Previous seasons of Love & Hip Hop showed the young mom dealing with depression and anxiety.

Moniece’s other drama

This isn’t the only drama Moniece has in her life. She has the typical baby daddy issues going on with Fizz.

She recently posted video clips of Fizz and his new girlfriend, Apryl Jones, talking down on her name.

On the caption of the post, she wrote, “Leave the show they said. Focus on the music they said. Use it to your advantage they said. She’s crazy they said. I’m glad I listened. But unfortunately for everyone else…I’m FREE NAH!!!! But a liar I am not. Time to make good on my promises ??.”

Apryl is shown on video talking about her saying, “She’s gonna need the check because she has nothing else going on and that’s just really what it is. Moniece talks.”

Do you think Moniece deserves all the drama in her life?

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