Monica Garcia: Unseen RHOSLC footage reveals truth about injuries sustained at co-star’s home

Monica Garcia speaks to the audience.
Monica Garcia opens up about her past on RHOSLC. Pic credit: Bravo

There’s never a dull moment in Salt Lake City if The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is to be believed.

After a season of allegations, bombshells, and pinch-me moments that have made us question whether or not we’re in a fever dream, the reunion is delivering on all fronts.

Tuesday’s second chapter found Monica Garcia facing her co-stars again following a Ghostface-esque reveal that she was allegedly trolling them on social media for years before joining the show.

It’s been an exhausting season of back and forth, but at least we’re finally getting some answers.

Back in October, Monica and Angie Katsanevas were on good terms on-screen, but their friendship quickly imploded on the show.

As you’ll recall, Monica got into a heated argument with her mother, Linda Darnell, at Angie’s Easter event, with partygoers — including kids — watching in astonishment.

Something happened to Monica Garcia at Angie Katsanevas’ home

Off-screen, it was clear something else happened that was concealed from the audience when Monica and Angie went at it on social media.

Angie claimed that Monica almost hit her two-year-old niece in the head with her shoe.

Monica dismissed the allegation and declared that she left her co-star’s home with “bumps, bloody, and bruised” in a rant on X (formerly known as Twitter) in late October.

“I should sue your ass for not having your home to code you f**k,” Garcia seethed.

At the time, Monica shared photos of bruises and cuts she claimed to have sustained while falling down the stairs of Angie’s picturesque home.

During the reunion, host Andy Cohen divulged there was footage of the incident and finally aired it. In the footage, Monica is shown falling on the stairs and seemingly in pain afterward.

Producers held a scene from viewers

It begs the question of why producers keep omitting scenes and bringing them up later, but we’re not here to get into that today. It’s in the works!

Andy was curious if anything else happened after the incident, with Monica saying she proceeded to film a scene with her mother, Linda Darnell.

Monica recalled telling her mom to get her own ride after the pair’s heated debate, which was televised.

Monica said production stepped in and got her mom a car, but her mom was still allegedly unhappy.

“She said, ‘I’m not getting in that s**t box’ because it was a Subaru,” Monica explained to her stunned castmates.

But Angie wasn’t ready to let Monica off the hook easily. Angie was livid that her family left her home “because they felt it wasn’t a safe environment.”

“Oh,” said Monica, but Angie wasn’t letting her nemesis take over the conversation this time.

Monica did fall, but she didn’t pay the hospital bill

“It’s my turn. You go online, you threaten to sue me, and then you say, ‘I should send you the bill for my head scan,’ which you did not pay for,” Angie affirmed, alleging that production footed the bill.

Just when it seemed like Monica was about to utter some form of an apology, she chose deflection by bringing Meredith Marks into the argument.

Monica claimed to have had a conversation with Marks about the incident in which the latter said, “You could take her house.”

Yes, really.

Mer wasn’t too fond of those rumors but did cop to saying that Angie’s house could be “a potential liability.”

Angie and Meredith haven’t had the best time of it this season, with the two exchanging jabs during filming.

Fortunately, they’re in a better place and managed to keep their cool with each other during the second part of the reunion.

The same cannot be said for Monica and the others. It’s hard to tell whether there’s a way forward for Monica after all the lawsuit threats, but stranger things have happened.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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