Mindy Shiben blasts Zach Justice ahead of MAFS Decision Day, says marriage ‘compromised’ her ’emotional health’

Mindy broke up with Zach before the finale
Mindy says the relationship with Zach affected her emotional health. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mindy Shiben is having emotional issues after participating in season 10 of Married at First Sight. And who could blame her?

While going into the season with high hopes that she would find a husband, her dreams of finding her forever love were quickly dashed.

Shiben was set up by the experts to marry Zach Justice, but from the get-go, they were on rocky ground.

As the couples were sent on a romantic honeymoon to beautiful Panama, Mindy was crushed when her new husband shockingly revealed that he was not physically attracted to her.

How did the show affect her mental health?

A devastated Mindy tried her best to make things work — despite the slap in the face — but she didn’t have much to work with.

After, a slew of lies from Zach and his refusal to move into a shared apartment with her for the eight-week experiment, Mindy was at her breaking point.

She tried to make her Married at First Sight relationship work, but after finding out that Zach lied about a relationship with one of her friends, she ultimately decided to end things for good.

The journey for viewers was certainly heartbreaking to watch and if you wondered how Mindy was affected by all of this, well, you’re not the only one.

She sat down with In Touch Weekly to spill the beans on how the show took a toll on her mental health.

“Although I left my marriage early, I don’t like to think of it as giving up, but rather making a healthy choice for myself. I gave my marriage everything I had and then some, but when my emotional health and well-being were compromised, it was time to walk away.”

Shiben, however, said that despite things not working out with Zach, she understands why the experts paired them together.

“Zach and I both prioritize health and wellness, and our jobs are quite similar. I think the experts saw an opportunity for us to really bring out the best in each other…unfortunately, I don’t feel like Zach and I were a team at any point in the experiment.”

Mindy finally had enough

Viewers noted from the get-go that Zach had absolutely no interest in even trying to make an effort with Mindy, but she said: “There were times when I thought things may have been turning around for the better.”

However, toward the end, Mindy took off her rose-colored glasses and kicked Zach to the curb.

“I discovered that I was being betrayed. As much as I wanted to be on the same team, that was pretty much impossible for us. … I was quite frustrated because my partner didn’t seem to want to build a marriage with me.”

Although couples usually wait until Decision Night to reveal if they wanted to stay in the marriage or end it, Mindy made her decision before the finale. It was over!

You can see if the other couples choose to end their marriages or stay together during the season finale of Married at First Sight, airing April 15 on Lifetime at 8/7c.

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4 years ago

Don’t know why they paired Mindy with Zack. Saw from the start what an arrogant narcissist he was. Mindy is a beautiful intelligent young woman and deserves so much better.