Mike Sorrentino tells Angelina Pivarnick to ‘quit’ after blow-up at Jersey Shore reunion

Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick blew up at each other during the reunion. Pic credit: @mikethesituation/Instagram

Tensions have mounted between Angelina Pivarnick and her costar Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Mike took it upon himself to get involved in Angelina’s marriage drama with Chris Larangeira, and for Angelina, his involvement didn’t sit well with her.

She felt it was wrong of him to be talking to Chris and even worse for him to believe him regarding her alleged infidelity.

Instead of going directly to Angelina to ask her if she had been unfaithful to Chris, he told their roommates about it, which upset Angelina even more.

The two have been battling back and forth as Angelina wanted him to stay out of her drama, and Mike wanted Angelina to be honest about what was going on in her life.

The tension came to blows during the Jersey Shore Family Vacation reunion episode, causing Mike to walk out.

Mike Sorrentino walks out of Jersey Shore reunion after telling Angelina Pivarnick to ‘quit’

It was a tough season for Angelina as she relived the fallout of her marriage to Chris. The drama between her and Mike made what she was going through more difficult.

When it came time to talk about everything at the reunion, Mike and Angelina became heated.

Mike joked about having Chris as a guest on his podcast, but Angelina didn’t find it very funny.

She told him she was angry with him when she found out about it, and she “didn’t take it as a joke.”

She then begged Mike to stay out of her business, but Mike defended himself and reminded her that sharing their business is part of being on reality TV, and it’s what they get paid to do.

He then took a shot at her and said she had the condition “lie-abetes.”

Angelina fired back, calling him the “Snitchuation,” and said he took things too far.

Mike owned that he did take it too far but stressed that he just wanted her to own up to what she’s done.

They continued to argue back and forth before Mike finally had enough.

He ranted, “You get paid to talk about your f*****g life!” and told her she should “quit” if she didn’t want to do that.

He then accused her of playing the victim before saying, “The only way to work with someone that is toxic you just can’t play anymore,”

Mike left the stage immediately after his statement.

Where do Angelina Pivarnick and Mike Sorrentino stand today?

While the reunion brought out some intense emotions between Angelina and Mike, it seems like they’re in a better place today.

Mike returned to the stage after taking a brief break and shared that he did love Angelina and didn’t like to fight. The two of them even shared a hug to end things on a positive note.

Time will tell whether they’ll be able to get their friendship back to where it was before all of the drama, so fans will have to stay tuned.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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