Mike Sorrentino release date: How long is Jersey Shore star going to prison for?

Mike Sorrentino and Uncle Vinny during a Jersey Shore special
Mike Sorrentino has got himself into a real situation this time. Pic credit: MTV

As many Jersey Shore fans already know, Mike Sorrentino was sentenced to prison for tax evasion last year, but now we know just how long he’ll be in this situation. After Mike recently turned himself in and started doing time, it was also revealed exactly when he will be let back out.

Just last week, Mike Sorrentino turned himself in with his new wife, Lauren Pesce, by his side. Sorrentino began serving his eight month sentence for tax evasion on January 15 and some are wondering if his incarceration will last through the summer.

What is Mike Sorrentino’s release date?

Back in October 2018, Mike Sorrentino was sentenced to eight months in prison, along with 500 hours of community service and two years of parole. He wasn’t forced straight into jail, and instead had a few months to get his affairs in order before reporting.

The Jersey Shore star’s current residence is FCI Otisville in upstate New York. He’ll be staying there for the next several months but if he behaves, Mike should be getting a taste of freedom sooner than you might think.

Mike Sorrentino’s release date is set for September 13th, 2019, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be spending all of that time in the FCI Otisville prison camp.

Will The Situation be released early?

As you may recall with another reality star doing time for tax evasion, when Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms was convicted of a similar crime, she was sentenced to one year and one day behind bars.

After serving just over nine months of that sentence, Abby was sent to a halfway house, where she spent a couple more months before earning her freedom.

According to Federal Prison Consultant Dan Wise, Mike Sorrentino can expect a similar situation in his own case. In a few months, don’t be surprised to hear that Mike has headed to a halfway house and will probably not be serving time behind bars during the summer.

In fact, his sentence is so light that he may be able to skip the halfway house altogether and head straight from FCI Otisville to a house arrest situation before too long.

Either way, Jersey Shore fans will be seeing more of Mike Sorrentino by September and we’re hoping the newly minted felon will head right back on vacation… Jersey Shore Family Vacation that is.

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