Mike Johnson has written a book about love and Tyler Cameron is proud of his friend

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson has published a new book. Pic credit: ABC

Mike Johnson wasn’t chosen as the next Bachelor even though fans of the franchise really wanted him to lead the 2021 season.

Instead, Matt James was picked, marking an important milestone for the franchise, as they’ve never had an African American lead.

Last year, Mike went on Bachelor In Paradise in hopes of finding love but he left the show without finding true love. But that doesn’t mean he has given up on finding it.

Instead, he chose to focus on self-love, revealing he’s excited about the future and teaching people how to make the love they want for themselves.

Mike Johnson opens up about his new book

That’s right – this former Bachelorette star is ready to teach others what he knows about finding love.

And he’s doing so in the form of a book. Yesterday, he revealed that he was releasing a book called “Making The Love You Want.”

“The joy of being authentic, the burden that lifts and opens you to freedom – like a mighty exhale,” Mike wrote on his Instagram as he shared the news of his new book. “I have many raw emotions today. My baby – my book – is finally out in the world. I honestly can’t believe we’ve made it. The rollercoaster ride I (and my team) endured while writing this book is beyond words. The editing that kept me up till morning hours, the tears that landed on my laptop keyboard, the truths and hard conversations shared with loved ones – it’s all been worth it!”

Mike also added a personal note to the post, revealing that his heart and his book would hopefully inspire people to pursue their own journeys to find love. He added that he wants people to make the love they want for themselves.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson has written a book about love. Pic credit: @mike_johnson/Instagram

He added that there are only 500 copies available for pre-sale, so he encouraged fans to grab their copies before they are sold out.

Even though he didn’t find love on a reality television show, he did go on to date a famous celebrity. He was spotted in Los Angeles with Demi Lovato having lunch one day. Despite saying they were taking it slow, it didn’t work out. After splitting from Demi last year, Mike talked about self-love and always putting yourself first.

Mike Johnson has the full support of Tyler Cameron

Mike has one big fan – Tyler Cameron.

He shared his support for his friend on Instagram, encouraging fans to pick up a copy of their own.

“Proud of you,” Tyler wrote on his Instagram account, showing lots of support for his friend from Hannah’s season. He added that he’s ordering his own copy of Mike’s book.

Tyler Cameron
Tyler Cameron is proud of his friend Mike Johnson. Pic credit: @tylerjcameron3/Instagram

Many people did think that Mike should have been the next Bachelor because of how he came across on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He quickly became a fan favorite and fans were excited about the prospects. However, Peter Weber was chosen and Mike showed up in Mexico for Bachelor In Paradise.

However, as Clare Crawley was picked as the next Bachelorette years after her last appearance, there is a chance that Mike will get his day as the lead on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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