Mike from The Bachelorette 2019: Will he be the next Bachelor?

Mike shared a cute date with Hannah B. Pic credit: ABC

During tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Mike got himself a one-on-one date with Hannah B. He impressed Hannah by opening up about his feelings for her, his past relationship, and asking her questions about her past love interests.

While Hannah gave him a rose, it was clear viewers loved him. He was honest, he was respectful, and he would do anything from drink whiskey to eat haggis. Mike was clearly what Hannah was looking for after the drama between Luke P and Luke S the night prior.

But who is Mike from The Bachelorette?

His Bachelor bio reveals he’s from San Antonio, Texas and he’s an Air Force vet. He claims he has a lot of swag, but that he’s a romantic at heart — something fans saw on The Bachelorette.

In fact, he seems to understand what The Bachelorette is all about and he’s clearly there for the right reasons, so if Hannah B doesn’t pick him on this season of the show, he should be considered for the next season of The Bachelor.

In fact, if Mike was indeed announced as the next Bachelor, he would already have potential bachelorettes lined up to win his heart.

Another reason people think Mike is a great person is that he’s very protective of Hannah B.

Throughout the episode, he kept listening to what Luke P was saying and when the guys were left behind as the rest of them went on a group date, Mike decided to confront Luke over his behavior.

While Mike simply wants Hannah, he appears to be protective of her — so much so that he doesn’t want her to pick Luke P over any of the other guys.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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