Michelle Young makes a decision to step back from teaching — Here’s why

Michelle Young
Michelle Young has made a crucial decision. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young has been in the spotlight and made headlines the past two days.

From the rumors that she and Nayte were broken up because someone thought they saw her without her engagement ring while with friends to now the news that she just broke.

The former Season 18 Bachelorette appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour and opened up to viewers on this week’s podcast episode about her future in education.

What did Michelle Young reveal on the podcast?

Despite loving her students and having a passion for teaching, Michelle Young has made the extremely tough decision to give up her job of teaching children.

Like almost all teachers in the profession, the past couple of years has taken a toll on Michelle, especially with the pandemic.

She revealed how she came to this decision as she told listeners that she had been speaking to a colleague at the school she worked at and how they were in survival mode when it came to teaching.

Michelle then said, “My co-worker asked me how long I’ve been in survival mode, and as she asked that, it caught me off guard to actually stop and think about how long I’ve been in this position.”

She went on to state, “My response was two years. I have been in survival mode for two years where I just have been flying by the seat of my pants. I have not necessarily been living, just surviving.”

Michelle wants to use her status to create a platform and support educators everywhere

Michelle also talked about how she knows so many teachers who are feeling this same way, and she wants to make a change for teachers everywhere. She feels like she is in a position where she could use her platform to make that change for educators.

As Michelle talked about her decision, she kept getting choked up and fought back tears while talking through it with fans.

While Michelle has made this decision, for the time being, she did declare that it didn’t mean she would never go back into the classroom, nor did it mean she was just going to quit working towards her master’s degree in administration.

What it does mean to Michelle is: “ … this is me stepping away for a year to truly push forward and put all of my energy and efforts into my passion in a different way. I want to try to push for change. Being in the classroom and feeling that weight showed me that something has to be done.”

Teachers everywhere are rooting for you, Michelle! For the entire podcast episode with Michelle and Bachelor Happy Hour, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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