Michelle Young dances with cheerleaders at Minnesota Vikings game

Michelle Young smiles
Michelle Young gets spirited while rooting for the Minnesota Vikings. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young has been living her best life since becoming a beloved Bachelorette and finding her true love with fiance Nayte Olukoya.

As Michelle enjoys life, she also got to enjoy the perks of being a public figure when she attended an NFL game for her home team, the Minnesota Vikings. 

Michelle, decked in her purple 23 jersey, got to meet her fans at the game as well as get on the field and cheer with the Minnesota Vikings’ cheerleaders. 

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Michelle Young documents her fun time at the football game 

Michelle Young recently took to her Instagram stories to share photos and videos from her fun-filled time at the Minnesota Vikings game. 

In a few of Michelle’s videos, she is seen showing off her moves with the Minnesota Vikings’ cheerleaders as she holds pompoms and learns some of their routines. 

Michelle seemed to feel right at home with the cheerleaders as she joked, “Catch me at tryouts 2023 [laughing emoji]” over her Instagrams stories with the cheerleaders.   

Michelle Young cheers
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Along with getting on the field with the cheerleaders, Michelle shared that one of her favorite parts of the day and of being the Bachelorette is meeting her young fans. 

Michelle clearly has a heart for children considering her work as an elementary school teacher. And at the game, she shared a video of her hugging and chatting with a young fan in the stands. 

Michelle was thanked for being so kind to her young fans and it’s clear Michelle is one of the most gracious, classy, and lovable Bachelorettes to come out of the franchise. 

Michelle Young hugs a child
Pic credit: @michelleyoung/Instagram

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya spend the weekend apart 

Michelle Young wasn’t the only one having fun over the weekend. 

Michelle’s fiance Nayte Olukoya spent the weekend in his home state of Texas with several of his fellow castmates from The Bachelorette Season 18, including his best friend Rodney Mathews. 

Nayte and Rodney partied with fellow castmates Joe Coleman, Leroy Arthur, and Daniel Tully and appeared to have a blast together. 

However, as much as Nayte enjoyed his time with the “bros” he still took time to reveal he was missing Michelle. Michelle also adorably admitted that she missed Nayte and his dog Percy as well. 

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya will likely be reunited soon and there’s sure to be plenty more football games and parties they’ll attend together in the future as their love continues to blossom.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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