Michelle Duggar weight loss overshadows mission trip to Honduras

Michelle Duggar is looking thinner in recent years. Pic credit: TLC
Michelle Duggar is looking thinner in recent years. Pic credit: TLC

Michelle Duggar doesn’t usually make headlines but after this week, she is getting some serious exposure. The Counting On mom attended a mission trip to Honduras with her husband and several of the Duggar children. In a photo shared by the family, Michelle Duggar’s recent weight loss was thrown into the spotlight.

Counting On fans were floored when they saw the photo of Jana Duggar standing beside her mother outside of a Pizza Hut in Honduras. Michelle Duggar’s weight loss was visible and looked like she could be Jana’s twin. Her entire look changed and that was what prompted all of the questions about why she looked noticeably different.

Honduras photo of Michelle and Jana Duggar

One photograph has entirely dominated the talk about the Duggar family. Some of them went to Honduras on a mission trip and while they were down there, they decided to celebrate Josie and Jordyn’s birthday. In the photo, Michelle Duggar showed off her weight loss and unintentionally deflected the attention from her daughters to herself.

Over the years, Michelle Duggar has been described as homely looking. She dresses in the traditional way all of her daughters were raised to dress as well. Long skirts or dresses are always worn, no pants were allowed.

Dressing modestly was enforced over and over again. While Michelle still was dressed appropriately in the Honduras photo, her weight loss revealed a smaller and younger-looking version of the Duggar matriarch.

How did Michelle lose the weight?

Now that everyone is focused on Michelle Duggar and her weight loss, many Counting On viewers are wondering how she did it. At this point, she has not spoken out about the photo and the frenzy it caused and it isn’t expected that she will.

With everything going on in her life and all of the children she has to look after, Michelle Duggar’s weight loss could be attributed to that. Also, the family is on a mission trip and those are often labor-intensive.

However the weight loss happened, Michelle Duggar has definitely garnered attention for it. Aside from looking like Jana’s twin, she was almost unrecognizable.

Counting On is expected to return to TLC in early 2019.

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