Michaela throws some serious shade at her MAFS costars while posing alongside Gil

MAFS star Michaela Clark poses with Gil Cuero on social media and shades her castmates
Michaela shares support for Gil. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight took us on an emotional rollercoaster this season and we were all heartbroken to find out about the demise of Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria’s relationship. Hearing that Myrla broke up with Gil after he sold his possessions and moved in with her was like a punch in the gut for viewers.

However, it infuriated MAFS fans even more to see the interaction between Myrla and Johnny while Gil was literally in tears at the reunion. At one point it proved too much for Gil and he walked off stage but thankfully Michaela Clark had his back and she went to comfort her castmate.

Michaela and Gil have become close friends (and nothing more) and threw major shade at the other castmates who started dating other costars following the demise of their marriages.

Michaela shares support for Gil following heartbreaking reunion

Michaela had her share of drama to contend with this season but now that the show is over, she is giving her support to her Married at First Sight costar Gil Cuero.

Michaela recently share a photo of herself and Gil on Instagram with some kind words for her friend.

“My exact sentence was ‘Stop smiling! You’re outshining me!’ So he did. And well… Swipe left to see model behavior lol,” wrote Michaela.

She continued, “A lot has happened this year… thanks for being a solid skillet biscuit, Gil truly became someone I could give a house key & the garage code…And yes, Gil stayed on my neck throughout the process because good people just want to see other good people be better and improve upon their shortcomings.”

“Healed people, heal people,” she added. “ALSO! Stop asking me to help you shoot your shot! His IG is @gilmeezy shoot your own dang shot ? (And this goes for my friends too lol)”

Michaela throws major shade at her MAFS castmates

The Married at First Sight star also threw some shade at her fellow costars in her post.

“Some of us have too much respect for the process & the work the experts put in to try and date someone within this very unique little MAFS universe,” wrote Michaela. “Especially after seeing people plan their future together in real-time; Some cast members do not share this same sentiment.”

While she didn’t name names we knew she was firing shots at her estranged husband Zack and her castmate Bao who went out on a date during the MAFS Where Are They Now? feature.

Gil’s ex, Myrla Feria, and castmate Johnny Lam were also very touchy-feely during the reunion and even went on vacation together after the show — a gesture that infuriated viewers.

“Some of us have a moral code when it comes to dating. Let’s normalize healthy, male-female platonic relationships,” said Michaela.

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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