Michael responds to MAFS Decision Day backlash: ‘I understand the disappointment’

MAFS star Michael Shiakallis
Michael Shiakallis responds to MAFS backlash. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight viewers were hopeful that Chloe Brown and Michael Shiakallis would be the one couple to stay married this season, but they were left utterly disappointed.

Michael is one getting the brunt of the backlash since he chose to get divorced while Chloe wanted to stay married.

The 38-year-old has seen negative comments online from many people expressing regret that he got a second chance at marriage.

Michael responded to the criticism and told viewers, “I understand the disappointment.”

However, he’s waiting until after the reunion to spill the tea on what we didn’t see.

Meanwhile, we saw Michael’s sheer audacity to claim he wasn’t ready for marriage on Decision Day despite convincing the experts and TV viewers otherwise.

Everyone was disappointed for the jilted groom when the runway bride took away his chance at marriage, and people were excited when the experts matched him with Chloe later in the season.

Now, it seems that was all in vain.

Michael Shiakallis says he understands the ‘disappointment’ from MAFS viewers

Monsters and Critics recently shared the response from MAFS fans regarding Michael’s decision to divorce Chloe.

People have been calling him “a joke” while some have accused him of wasting everyone’s time after getting a second chance.

“I can’t speak too much on this until after the Reunion airs but I will say this: I understand the disappointment,” wrote Michael in his Instagram Story.

His comment was in response to a review of the MAFS Afterparty episode, where he talked about his shocking decision.

“For those that have shared some kind words: thank you,” he added. “For those that did not: I understand.”

Michael Shiakallis responds to online backlash
Michael Shiakallis speaks out on his Instagram Story. Pic credit: @_mikeyishere_/Instagram

Michael gets emotional during the MAFS Afterparty

During his appearance on MAFS Afterparty, Michael was emotional as he rewatched the scene with Chloe and him.

“I mean, I was emotional in the moment, like, the right decision doesn’t always feel like the right decision, and it was hard,” said Michael.

However, he told host Keisha Knight Pulliam that he wanted to honor how he felt at that moment no matter how hard it would be.

“I felt like it would hurt more if I tried to power through it and not honor how I felt…” explained Michael. “But that doesn’t mean like I felt good about it.”

As for how he felt after Chloe said yes to staying married, the MAFS star admitted he was “a little surprised” at her decision because “I know she felt where I was leaning.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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9 days ago

He is a shrewed con and manipulator with all his pretty words.