Michael Allio pays tribute to late wife on third anniversary of her death

Michael Allio
Michael Allio ends things with Katie during her season of the Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Michael Allio was a frontrunner on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. His quiet confidence and warm smile won over the hearts of women all over America.

Katie herself was smitten too. Unlike some of the other loud, egotistical contestants on Katie’s season like Cody Menk or Karl Smith, Michael was sensitive, kind, and compassionate during his time on the show. At one point, it even looked like he might be the one to make it to the end with Katie.

As Michael continued to open up on the show, Katie and Bachelor Nation learned that he was not only a single father but a widow who lost his beloved wife a few years back.

Now, Michael is honoring his wife on the third anniversary of her unfortunate passing.

Michael Allio’s family history

Michael opened up about his family life early on to Katie. He often gushed about the fact that he was a dad and had a beautiful boy at home. Viewers later found out that he was widowed when he opened up to both the men in the house and Katie.

Michael had a very hard time during the show being away from his son. He felt as though his son had already lost so much, and now dad was gone too.

Heartbreakingly, Michael decided to leave Katie’s season in a heartfelt and emotional goodbye. This was an unexpected goodbye for both of them, and a sad end to an exciting beginning of a love story.

Both Katie and Michael were devasted, and the feelings they had for one another were quite obvious in the way they handled the situation with grace and respect.

Michael’s tragic love story

Michael’s late wife, Laura Ritter-Allio passed away from cancer in 2019 at the age of 33 after a long battle.

Michael and Laura met while they were students at Loyola University in Chicago and discovered they were meant to be. They later got married in 2012 and had a beautiful baby boy, James.

After taking some time to heal from the experience, he went on to be a contestant where he became close with Katie. Even though things didn’t work out between them, they maintain a warm, caring friendship.

“I still cannot believe it’s been three years. At times it feels like a lifetime ago… a distant reverie lived by another in a prior life. But then I close my eyes, silence the world, and I swear it all comes flooding back, so real I can touch it. On days like today, I’m reminded of the importance of family, the power of love, and the obligation we have to live for those that can’t.” Michael explains in his Instagram post.

The cliche goes, time heals all wounds. But for Michael, time has truly provided him room to heal and reflect on his years as a dad, husband, and friend. Time has allowed him to understand how to walk in the world without his beloved wife, and it has been difficult. Bachelor Nation has been a strong outlet for support and love.
Instagram screenshot of supportive comments from other Bachelor alum friends.

Michael’s bravery in sharing his story is inspiring. He is opening up to the world and allowing fans to grieve along with him. This kind of openness, honesty, and vulnerability are just a few reasons why Bachelor Nation will forever have a soft spot for Michael Allio.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.

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