Message aimed at Maci Bookout scribbled on walls of Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards’ former home

Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout MTV
Maci was mentioned in a message on the wall of Ryan’s former home when it was destroyed. Pic credit: MTV

A message aimed at Teen Mom star Maci Bookout was included in the damage inflicted upon Teen Mom alums Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards’ home.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the Tennessee home once shared by Ryan and Mackenzie was left completely trashed.

Police body cam footage showed the destruction inside the home, including shattered windows, the refrigerator turned upside-down with its contents spilled in the kitchen, and feces on the floor.

There were also derogatory messages scribbled on the drywall, reportedly aimed at Ryan’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Mackenzie.

Although it was assumed that Ryan was responsible for the damage in the home, he denied having any part in it. The 35-year-old father of three told Hamilton County police officers that he was at his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards’ home at the time the destruction took place.

Now, according to photos obtained by The Sun, some of the scribblings on the walls were aimed at Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout, with whom he shares their 14-year-old son, Bentley.

In one such photo, the writing focused on Mackenzie, referring to protecting her, and read in part, “I’ll always love you,” and, “You know I would have protected you best but stop being a ho. That hurts me the most. You used me.”

Ryan Edwards allegedly scribbled a message about Maci Bookout on the walls of his Tennessee home

Above the writing, Maci was mentioned in a message reading, “Maci made over… hell really she was a lot better she told the truth.”

Another message that seemed to be aimed at Mackenzie read, “You sl*tting around is why this house felt cold and alone. I just could not stand you,” which appeared to be in reference to Ryan’s accusations of Mackenzie’s infidelity.

Teen Mom alum Ryan has found himself in trouble with the law after making accusations about Mackenzie

Ryan has found himself in legal hot water in recent months and is currently serving jail time in a detention center in his home state of Tennessee.

In addition to his recent arrests, Ryan went on a profanity-laden Instagram tirade, calling Mackenzie lewd names, sharing an indecent photo of her, and accusing her of being unfaithful.

Shortly after all of Ryan’s shenanigans surfaced in February 2023, Mackenzie filed for divorce from her husband of nearly six years.

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Ryan’s estranged wife Mackenzie reportedly has a new boyfriend, Josh Panter. Josh is said to have helped clean up the wreckage, using the equipment from his company, Stetley Excavating.

Maci has remained quiet regarding her ex Ryan’s arrests and pending divorce

While Mackenzie looks to be moving on following Ryan’s shenanigans and has stayed mostly quiet other than sharing cryptic quotes on Instagram, Maci has remained quiet on social media as well.

On March 1, amid the drama surrounding Ryan and Mackenzie, Maci took to Instagram to post a cryptic quote of her own.

“If you absolutely must talk about them, talk about them to God; make it a matter of prayer,” the quote read.

It’s unclear if or how Ryan’s relationship with Bentley has been affected since he landed himself behind bars. Currently, Maci retains primary custody of Bentley. The teenager lives in Tennessee with his mom, Maci, her husband, Taylor McKinney, and his siblings, Jayde and Maverick.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently on hiatus.

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Marcia Dionne
Marcia Dionne
10 months ago

You can’t only blame Ryan you’ve got to blame MacKenzie as well he didn’t move on so fast she did her and her new boyfriend started dating in January and he filed for divorce from his wife and finalized in February and now Mackenzie filed for divorce so I believe deep down she was cheating and Ryan found out and it’s pushed him over the edge so they’re both at fault she already knew doing this with his substance abuse problems will trigger him especially if he’s not working his program if she wanted out of the marriage because filed for divorce without starting a new relationship not even divorced

Ro ro king
Ro ro king
10 months ago

Maci us a strong woman ! Go Maci ! She needs to not be bothered by Her ex he’s not worth mentioning! His parents should be ashamed of the monster they raised ! No one cares about Mackenzie either she knew she was marrying a pos