Meri Brown’s boyfriend Amos is ‘looking for a payday’ by dating the Sister Wives star: He’s ‘fan girl obsessed’

meri brown and amos andrews instagram reel january 2024
Amos joined Meri to record his first Fridays with Friends alongside the Sister Wives star. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Is Meri Brown’s new boyfriend a clout chaser who’s only interested in her money?

According to a source, Amos Andrews has had his eye on the Sister Wives star for some time and is looking for a “payday.”

Ever since Meri went public with her and Amos’ romance, Sister Wives fans have been dying to get to know more about the man who stole her heart.

Meri hard-launched Amos on Instagram on her 53rd birthday, one year after splitting from Kody Brown.

While most of Meri’s fans and followers were hopeful that Amos — a 55-year-old resident of Utah who has been married and divorced four times — was a good fit for her, one of his ex-wives claims he had ulterior motives in mind when he began dating the Sister Wives star.

According to one of Amos’ ex-wives, who chooses to remain unnamed, Meri’s new man knew of her from TV before they dated, and he even watched her on Sister Wives.

Amos Andrews’ ex-wife speaks out, accuses him of being ‘fan-girl obsessed’

“He knows Meri. He watched the show when we lived in Las Vegas,” the unidentified woman told The Sun. “He wanted to find where she lives, so he knows who she is.”

Amos’ ex-wife didn’t know how he met Meri, but she said she wouldn’t put it past him to take one of his other exes to Meri’s bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in an attempt to come across a “chance encounter.”

According to Amos’ former wife, he is a big reality television fan. Not only does he watch Sister Wives, but he also enjoys the Real Housewives franchise.

In fact, she claims that while she and Amos lived in California, he would “try to find” where the Housewives lived.

Amos actually did have a close encounter with a star from Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge, during an outing at Bed Bath and Beyond. Although Amos wanted to approach Tamra, his ex-wife urged him to let the Bravo star shop in peace.

“He’s kind of fan girl obsessed,” she told the publication. “He would love to run into people like that.”

She added, “I think he’s really opportunistic in looking into someone that’s been in a relationship that maybe didn’t get the attention, and he comes in and provides all that attention and seems like this knight on a white horse.”

When all is said and done, Amos’ former flame believes he is “looking for someone for a payday.”

Amos’ ex had a lot more to say about her former husband, claiming he’d been engaged multiple times with “many” women coming in and out of his life.

She also told the outlet that she describes Amos as a “narcissistic, controlling, and extremely jealous individual” who accused her of cheating on him on more than one occasion.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is clearly enamored with Amos, despite what his ex-wife says

Regardless of what others have to say about Amos, Meri seems smitten with her new man.

Even though Amos admittedly doesn’t check off every item on Meri’s list of what she prefers in a man — he’s not 6′ 6″, nor is he a pilot — there were at least several qualities of his that captured Meri’s heart.

As Meri shared in her Instagram post as she introduced Amos to her followers, he loves Christmas almost as much as she does, they laugh a lot together, and her new rescue dog, Zona, “absolutely” loves him.

“I feel like I’m getting this year off to a great start,” Meri told her fans, “And I can’t wait to share more with you as the year moves forward!”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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