Meri Brown is alone again as other Sister Wives want to show Kody Brown affection around each other

Sister Wives' Meri Brown says husband Kody shouldn't speak for her
Meri Brown says Kody shouldn’t speak for her as Sister Wives airs. Pic credit: TLC

A lot of people wondered how Kody Brown and his Sister Wives dealt with moments of affection and this week’s episode revealed it.

However, Meri Brown opposes any showing of affection in front of each other and that was made clear in the recent episode.

Meri Brown stands alone

According to Robyn Brown, there was an unwritten rule before she came along between the other Sister Wives that they would not show physical affection with Kody in front of the others.

“Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Meri had sort of established this culture that there was to be no affection in front of each other,” Robyn said in an interview according to In Touch Weekly.

The other wives agreed that they chose not to be physically affectionate in front of each other.

However, Robyn showed physical affection as they celebrated Valentine’s Day with a bouquet of flowers. While he gave the flowers to all the wives, it was Robyn who gave him the kiss.

Robyn said it wasn’t trying to make a point but to just thank Kody for the Valentine’s Day gift.

According to Robyn, Kody wants to show more affection with his wives, but he can’t because of the unwritten pact.

When Robyn asked in the group interview if the other wives wish the rules on showing affection in front of each other could change, everyone raised her hands except Meri.

Sister Wives call out Meri

The Sister Wives don’t see Meri in the highest of lights right now.

According to Christine, on a good day, one of the wives can show some physical affection in front of the others and it won’t bother anyone. However, Christine then made a passive-aggressive comment concerning Meri.

“If you’re insecure in your relationship, then the physical affection that you have with the other wives would hurt,” Christine said.

The comment makes it clear that Christine sees Meri as someone who is not secure in her relationship with Kody at the moment. They have undergone struggles in recent years, so this might be a sign that not all is well between the two.

“Let’s just say this is complicated,” Kody said.

Of course, with Christine being one of the only Sister Wives not wanting the One House, it sounds like Meri isn’t the only one having some problems in the family’s relationship area. It seems none of them are ever on the same page.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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