Meri Brown hints at Tell All following Season 17 of Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Meri Brown poses for an IG selfie
Meri teased that another Tell All will air following Season 17 of Sister Wives. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Will there be another Tell All following Season 17 of Sister Wives? Meri Brown hinted that there might be.

Following the conclusion of Season 16 of Sister Wives, viewers were pleasantly surprised to learn that Kody Brown and his then four wives would be participating in a Tell All, the first since 2019, following Season 13 of the long-running TLC show.

During the Tell All, titled Sister Wives: One on One, host Sukanya Krishnan sat down for individual interviews with Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives fans were unsure whether another such Tell All would take place, and now, it looks as though Meri has provided some clues that another one is in the works.

Meri conducts weekly Fridays with Friends videos alongside her BFF Jenn Sullivan on Instagram, where the ladies lightheartedly chitchat about their personal lives and answer curious fans’ questions.

During her September 30 episode, which she jokingly called the “Super Troll Edition,” Meri hinted that Sister Wives viewers would get to enjoy another Tell All special.

Meri Brown hints at Season 17 Tell All during live video

One of Meri and Jenn’s fans was curious about when Sister Wives aired and what happened in recent episodes. That’s when Meri spoke up and shared that she and the rest of the family don’t get told ahead of time when something will air, such as a new season. However, Meri drove home the point, as she has before, that Fridays with Friends isn’t intended to fill in her followers about the show.

“Like, this is not a Tell All, but just wait… the end of the season there’s usually a Tell All,” Meri said. “Interesting stuff comes out in the Tell All. Well, let’s be real, interesting stuff comes out all season.”

Sister Wives viewers sound off regarding possibility of Season 17 Tell All

Over on Reddit, Sister Wives viewers offered their opinions on the possibility of a Season 17 Tell All in a post captioned, “Meri confirming we’re getting a tell-all this season.”

One fan of the show wasn’t impressed with their post-season Tell Alls and wrote, “Their tell-alls suck. I need them all together, sitting on the couch talking about the season.”

“We are going to get more sucky tell-alls,” added another Redditor. “This and earth turning are two things we can count on.”

sister wives viewers take to reddit to discuss a possible season 17 tell all
Pic credit: u/CherrySodaPop9232/Reddit

Another Sister Wives viewer concocted a possible scenario for a surprise this season, hinting at the “interesting stuff” that Meri promised, wishing it would include Janelle divorcing Kody (something viewers have rooted for previously) and doing as she pleases with her Coyote Pass lot.

Whether a Tell All is in the works is still up in the air, but in the meantime, there’s still more Sister Wives to watch this season.

Episode 5 airs this Sunday, October 9 and previews show that Kody worries about the cramped conditions in Janelle’s new RV, the family comes together for Ysabel’s graduation party, and Kody suggests Meri move to Utah to run her B&B full-time.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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5 months ago

No one watched this because of Mary or Robin. The dullest knives in the drawer behind kuckholed Kody.