Meri Brown disables Instagram comments after Sister Wives fans accuse her of being ‘drunk’ in recent video

Sister Wives star Meri Brown
Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown has a drinking problem after a recent video and she disabled commenting on her Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown has sparked rumors among Sister Wives viewers that she has a drinking problem after one of her latest videos, prompting her to disable comments on Instagram.

As most Sister Wives fans know, Meri hosts Fridays with Friends every week on Instagram with her BFF, Jenn Sullivan.

Lately, the duo has been filming their segments from Meri’s bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, in Parowan, Utah.

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Meri Brown slurs her words in recent Fridays with Friends video

In a now-deleted live video on Instagram, captured in part by The Sun, Meri appeared to slur her words as she spoke to the camera, acting erratically.

In the video, Meri greeted her followers with her typical introduction, “Happy Friday! Welcome to another fabulous Fridays with friends… we are here… to entertain you.”

Next, a notification sound played as Meri abruptly switched gears and said, “Okay, a song just came to my mind,” before she began singing.

Sister Wives viewers think Meri Brown has a drinking problem

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed Meri’s recent behavior and many of them felt she has a drinking problem that she’s trying to hide.

“I’m sad for her,” voiced one concerned Sister Wives fan. “I wish she would accept some support. Drinking to fill the void of loneliness is awful. She is clearly very intoxicated in a lot of these videos.”

reddit comments on meri brown drinking
Pic credit: u/Weekly-Sundae-5903/Reddit

One Sister Wives fan felt that Meri drinks to numb the pain she feels in her failed plural marriage to Kody Brown.

“She is so unhappy. It’s sad that she is letting this religion/COOTIE dictate her personal happiness/mental health,” the viewer penned. “She is drinking away her pain and loneliness. I feel for her and can empathize. ?”

comments on meri's drinking on reddit
Pic credit: u/Weekly-Sundae-5903/Reddit

Another Redditor penned, “She’s never seemed drunk in the show, but she seems drunk in her recent lives (to me).”

One Sister Wives viewer surmised that Meri has struggled with a drinking problem for years and felt it was a major issue that drove Kody away from her in their decades-long marriage.

“I think Meri has had a drinking problem for a long time and this is what Kody was referring to when he said there were serious problems long before the affair,” their comment read. “This would also explain why her relationship with Mariah isn’t great.”

redditors comment on meri brown drinking
Pic credit: u/Weekly-Sundae-5903/Reddit

Drinking is typically prohibited in the Brown family’s religion, although it seems they aren’t as strict about it these days. During Season 15 of Sister Wives, Meri wore a shirt that joked, “May all your hours be happy hours.” Kody claimed not to know what the term meant, and Meri jokingly called him out for it on Twitter.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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