Meri Brown dating again, on the prowl for a man who ‘knows who’ he is: ‘I’m looking for a king’

meri brown IG selfie april 1, 2024
Meri wants a “king,” not a “prince.” Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Following her breakup with Amos Andrews, Meri Brown has reentered the dating pool.

The Sister Wives star went public with her and Amos’s relationship In January 2024, only to announce their split one month later.

Since then, Meri has been lying low, focusing on her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, as well as her clothing business, LuLaRoe.

Now that Meri is single again, Sister Wives fans are curious whether she’s opened the door to dating once again.

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, Meri opened up about her love life and revealed that she’s still searching for her Prince Charming.

Meri, 53, recorded herself to answer “Google’s top questions” about herself, and unsurprisingly, Sister Wives viewers wanted to know if she is dating again.

When asked, “Is Meri dating anyone?” the former polygamist responded, “Not exclusively.”

Meri Brown says she is looking for a ‘king,’ not ‘Prince Charming’

“I have gone out on a few dates,” Meri admitted, adding that “Prince Charming has not arrived.”

However, Meri noted that she’s not looking for a prince.

“I’m looking for a king,” Meri declared before explaining why she’s not interested in a prince.

“There is a bit of an energetic difference there. A prince is still a boy. I want a man who knows who he is.”

“I want somebody who knows who he is and is confident in who he is, cuz I know who I am, and I’m confident in who I am, and I need somebody to match my energy,” Meri proclaimed.

In fact, Meri is confident that when she meets the right man, it’ll be clear as day.

“When we cross paths, we’ll know it,” Meri concluded.

Meri’s remarks about wanting a “king” and not a “prince” as her significant other resonated with many of her followers, who flocked to the comments section to agree with her statements.

Sister Wives fans agree that Meri deserves a ‘king’ because she’s a ‘queen’

“Yes, girl a ‘king’!!” echoed @lilitwintwo.

Another one of Meri’s fans added, “I love that ‘I’m looking for a king’ you go sister!!!”

meri brown's instagram followers comment on her meeting a "king"
Meri’s fans agree she deserves a “king,” not a “prince.” Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

@scoutslabradoradventures added, “You deserve a king, because [you’re] a queen.”

Meri jokes about being Kody Brown’s ‘favorite’ wife

Meri continued her Q&A series on Instagram, and in her fourth edition, she was asked whether she was “the favorite wife” in her once-polygamous marriage to Kody Brown.

Meri found the question amusing and didn’t supply her fans with an answer to the question.

Instead, she laughed and rolled her eyes, joking, “Okay then… however, on an upcoming episode… just kidding.”

But most Sister Wives fans would agree that Meri was certainly not Kody’s favorite wife.

Kody basically came out and admitted that his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, has been his favorite for years, and the two got their wish, living happily ever after with no other wives in tow.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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