Meri Brown claps back at Sister Wives critic: ‘I live my live exactly how I want!’

Meri Brown poses for a selfie at her B&B
Meri fired back at a critic on social media who told her to “take her own advice.” Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri Brown fired back at a Sister Wives fan who suggested that she take her own advice.

Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri, shares a lot of her personal life with her fans on social media.

Although most of her content consists of inspirational and uplifting messages, Meri, like most in the public eye, runs across the occasional troll.

That was the case recently when Meri took to Instagram to share a photo of herself among a red-rock terrain along with a message to her 757,000 followers, encouraging them to chase their dreams.

“Whatever it is, big or small, if it’s important to you and you want it, Go For It!!” Meri told her fans, adding, “YOU are worth having whatever YOU want in your life.”

In the comments section, Meri received plenty of backlash from Sister Wives viewers who felt she should heed her own advice. However, one comment, in particular, caught Meri’s eye and she replied.

Meri Brown lashes out at Sister Wives critic who tells her to heed her own advice

The comment, from one of Meri’s detractors, read, “Wish u would take ur own advice! Ur gonna wake up one day and it will be too late life is short.”

Meri wasted no time firing back, “@sisiholly Take my own advice of doing what I want when I want! Oh sister, I live my live exactly how I want!”

Meri’s storyline on Sister Wives Season 17

Meri’s storyline during Season 17 of Sister Wives has taken a back seat to Christine and Kody’s split. In previous seasons, however, Meri and Kody’s estranged marriage was at the forefront.

Despite having a sexless marriage devoid of romance, Meri has made it clear that she isn’t going anywhere, unlike her former sister wife, Christine.

When Christine broke the news to Kody and his other wives that she was leaving him and moving back to Utah, Meri didn’t take the news well. During her solo confessional, Meri admitted, “I’m not happy right now. I’m not happy with this situation. It makes me angry.”

meri brown's
Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Meri’s current storyline showed the moment that she received the call that her mother Bonnie, the innkeeper at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, had died. Meri reflected on the moment in an Instagram post, calling the scene “heartbreaking.”

A preview for the Sunday, October 9 episode shows Kody suggesting that Meri move back to Utah to live in her B&B, following Bonnie’s passing. Meri was shocked by Kody’s suggestion, saying that it “didn’t make sense.” But with no full-time innkeeper, Meri has some decisions to make regarding the B&B.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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