Meri Brown announces split from boyfriend Amos: ‘He’s not my long-term person’

meri brown confessional season 18
Meri and Amos are no longer a couple. Pic credit: Discovery+

Meri Brown is a single woman once again.

The Sister Wives star announced that she and her boyfriend, Amos Andrews, have called it quits.

During her latest installment of Fridays with Friends on Instagram, Meri delved into her relationship status.

Clad in her cozy “Worthy Up” gear and accompanied by her dog, Zona, and her BFF, Jenn Sullivan, Meri greeted her fans and followers before explaining that she and Amos decided to go their separate ways last week.

“After I made my post on my birthday last month that I was dating Amos, of course, y’all went crazy,” Meri began.

“You had to dig into everything — EVERYTHING — make stuff up, find truth, merge them together, make these crazy stories, and try to make somebody look bad. And that’s really not cool,” Meri continued.

Meri Brown and Amos Andrews agreed to end their romantic relationship

After four months of dating the Sister Wives star, Amos apparently couldn’t handle the pressure of having his private life come to light in front of such a large audience.

The 53-year-old reality TV star acknowledged that being thrust into the public eye and having his personal information plastered online was “really hard” for Amos.

“So I will say, though, that last week Amos and I did have a bunch of discussions, and we decided to stop seeing each other,” Meri revealed.

Meri went on to call out all of the “assumptions and speculation” from critics and outlets, adding, “When people stick their fingers in things and mess with it, it does not help. I don’t appreciate that.”

Eventually, Meri said after some conversations with Amos, the duo agreed that they weren’t meant to be a “long-term thing.”

“It is a huge bummer,” Meri admitted.

In the end, Meri said she and Amos still care about each other but realized they’re “just not each other’s long-term person.”

“So anyway, there you go, it’s official. Last week, Amos and I decided we’re not going to continue our dating relationship.”

Sister Wives fans offer Meri support amid her breakup

In 13 hours, Meri’s post received thousands of likes, and hundreds of her Instagram followers flocked to the comments section to show her their support.

One of Meri’s fans expressed how sorry they were for the “trouble” she and Amos were caused and noted they were praying for both of them.

“I’m sorry it didn’t work out and people went overboard making up rumors,” added Instagram user @mcadamslexie.

sister wives fans wish meri brown well on instagram following her split from amos
Meri received an outpouring of support following her breakup. Pic credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Another Sister Wives fan showed Meri their support, adding, “It really saddens me that you continue to face hardships like this.”

Amos’s ex-wife cited huge red flags when he began dating Meri

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, one of Amos’s reported four ex-wives spoke out after Meri went public with their romance.

The unidentified ex-wife claimed that her former husband was only with Meri for money and fame.

Amos’s ex called him “fan girl obsessed” and “opportunistic,” adding that he was “looking for someone for a payday.”

Many Sister Wives viewers felt that Amos was giving enough red flags to deter Meri from dating him — such as him having multiple ex-wives and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy years ago — but Meri was still willing to give their relationship a chance.

Meri and Amos began dating in October and hard-launched their romance in January

Meri went public with her and Amos’s romance on her 53rd birthday on January 16, 2024, sharing a series of selfies in an Instagram carousel post.

In the caption of her post, Meri gushed over the “good-looking guy” she’d been dating since October 2023 and getting to know.

Now that she’s single once again — after splitting from Kody Brown in 2023 after 33 years together and then breaking up with Amos — Meri is already looking forward to finding another special man in her life.

She noted in her Instagram Reel that she’s looking for someone “perfect” for herself, and we bet it won’t be long before she finds that someone special again.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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1 month ago

You’ll find love! Just give it time. Sorry you had such a problem with your latest beau. Stay strong Meri!!!

Jean. Calise
Jean. Calise
1 month ago

You go girl!!! Your so deserving of a equal partner and screw the people that find faults in anyone you date. They should keep negative opinions to themselves. And wishing you the very best in life& Love ,& happiness 😊.