Melissa Gorga says ‘I don’t hate’ Jackie Goldschneider, just ‘in shock’ by her

RHONJ stars Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider screenshot
Melissa Gorga speaks on her friendship with Jackie Goldschneider. Pic credit: Bravo

Jackie Goldschneider is getting the attention she seemingly wanted after befriending her former enemies, Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have expressed shock at the new alliance and now Melissa Gorga is chiming in.

Melissa, who has been Jackie’s close friend since she joined the show in Season 9, was also caught off guard by the betrayal.

During a recent interview, the brunette beauty opened up about the surprising turn of events but expressed that she doesn’t “hate” her once close friend.

That doesn’t mean Melissa is happy with Jackie’s decision to toss her aside for Teresa.

Meanwhile, RHONJ fans are convinced that after Jackie was demoted from a full-time housewife to a friend she latched on to Teresa and Jennifer in a bid to get more camera time.

So far, Jackie’s plan is working.

Melissa Gorga is admittedly ‘shocked’ by Jackie Goldschneider

Melissa Gorga is just as bewildered as all the other RHONJ fans who’ve been watching Jackie’s new friendship with Teresa and Jennifer.

“I don’t hate Jackie. I’m just in shock by her, and I would say disappointed,” Melissa explained. I can’t believe she chose that route.”

During the chat with PEOPLE, Melissa seemingly hinted that Jackie switched sides for camera time adding, “I can’t believe that’s the way you chose to do what you needed to do.”

Melissa noted that something happened between Jackie and Margaret and that’s what led to the mom of four’s sudden change of tune.

“She picked a situation between her and Margaret and decided “I’m gonna run with this,’ and I think the fans will see that.”

Viewers will see the fallout between Jackie and her former friends as the season airs

During the interview, Melissa noted that Jackie had an issue with Margaret and tried to take it out on her, which viewers will see play out in Season 14.

“It’s obvious what Jackie was trying to do here and it doesn’t come off very real or for the right reasons,” said the RHONJ star.

Melissa called the fallout of their friendship “sad” and reasoned that viewers would see Jackie’s true intentions.

Meanwhile, fans of the show have already seen right through Jackie’s surprising new alliance and she’s getting dragged online.

Most recently, she posted a photo of her night out with Teresa and Jennifer, and critics accused her of selling her soul for a friendship with the duo.

“I was her biggest advocate, I loved her,” said Melissa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 premieres on Sunday, May 5, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
15 days ago

Over the years, we’ve all seen Melissa turn on good friends–Cathy, Rosie, Jacqueline, Caroline–to name a few. She seems to be a fair-weather friend. Teresa and Jen are ride or die friends. Maybe that’s what Jackie was looking for,

15 days ago
Reply to  Jersey Girl

Not to sure what Jackie was thinking she is a smart lady I think she just lost her mind she needs to get it back Nothing good comes from being Theresa’s friend and you have jen in that mix run like the wind