Meghan King ‘gives props’ to Vicki Gunvalson for predicting her divorce to Jim Edmonds

Meghan King
Meghan King talks about her time on RHOC, and Vicki Gunvalson’s prediction on her marriage. Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

Meghan King’s personal life has played out in public for the past seven years, since becoming a star on Real Housewives of Orange County in 2015.

She endured a very messy divorce and cheating scandal with her ex-husband and former MLB player Jim Edmonds. Meghan had always been open about her marriage and parenting struggles, and she showed the fans the cracks in her marriage during her time on the show.

Meghan’s vulnerability and transparency were the things that viewers loved most about her, and also her tenaciousness in her pursuit to prove that Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was faking cancer for attention.

Vicki and Meghan struggled to see eye to eye for Meghan’s entire run of the show, and this made it easy to go after each other. So when Vicki predicted that Meghan and Jim would be divorced in five years, everyone laughed it off.

At the time Vicki made the claim, the couple had only been married for a year, and were seemingly happily in love. But no one knew how right Vicki would be!

Meghan dropped in to guest host the Two T’s in a Pod podcast with Teddi Mellencamp, and they talked about the moment Vicki predicted the future and it came true.

RHOC: Meghan King is not mad at Vicki for her remark about her marriage

Teddi questioned Meghan about the scene, asking her, “Do you think you have any residual resentment towards Vicki because she said your marriage was gonna end within five years, and then it ended within four years?”

Meghan corrected Teddi, telling her, “No, it was five years to the day! We went out for our anniversary dinner, and the next day, it ended.” Then Meghan said frankly, “I mean, I gotta give props to Vicki!” giving the OG of the OC credit where credit is due. At least Meghan still has a sense of humor about it.

Teddi also chimed in, having a past with Vicki herself, “We can hate on [Vicki] all we want, but she was right!”

Meghan King and Jim Edmonds can’t seem to see eye to eye

Although Meghan has primary physical custody, she is eager to work in cooperation with Jim to assist with their three children; 5-year-old son Aspen and 3-year-old twins Hayes and Hart.

The former couple still greatly struggles to communicate with each other in a healthy way, and Meghan recently revealed that she and Jim only communicate using a court-ordered app called Our Family Wizard. In fact, Meghan says that things are worse between them now than when they split two years ago.

Just last week, a report circulated that Jim accused Meghan of lying about their son Hart’s, diagnosis of cerebral palsy, as a way to get sympathy for herself.

Fans of Meghan hope that she and Jim will be able to get on the same page one day for the sake of their children. In the meantime, Meghan continues to be active on Instagram, documenting her life as a single mom.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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