Meghan King feels ‘trapped’ after kids diagnosed with hand, foot, and mouth disease

Former RHOC star Meghan King.
RHOC alum Meghan King says her three kids have hand, foot, and mouth disease. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King has got her hands full after her kids contracted the highly contagious hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Although the vast majority of adults are immune to the illness, it’s highly contagious and transmittable between children and it took Meghan’s home by storm.

To make matters worse for the family, the kids couldn’t have picked a worse time to get hand, foot, and mouth disease since there was already a plan in place for all of them to take a trip to Disneyland.

Three days before they were set to head to the Happiest Place on Earth, Meghan’s daughter Aspen complained about a “dot” on her hand. Upon examination, Meghan admitted she wasn’t concerned because her daughter is known for being a bit of a “drama queen.” The dots spread to her legs soon after, but Meghan remained oblivious to the cause of the rash.

Ignoring the symptoms, Meghan and her three kids, Aspen, Hart, and Hayes, headed to the zoo — which also proved to be a disaster.

Finally, the single mom Googled Aspen’s symptoms and came to the realization that she had contracted the illness, meaning she had exposed others while at the zoo. Meghan documented her embarrassment over on social media and took the full story to her blog.

RHOC alum Meghan King reveals her kids have hand, foot, and mouth disease

Over on her Instagram, Meghan shared a slideshow of the few pictures she’d managed to snap while on their short-lived trip to the zoo.

Although all four were all smiles, Meghan had no idea what was to come for her little ones.

She captioned the post, “Long story short, my kids got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and we had to cancel our Disneyland trip ?.”

The caption continued, “These photos were taken (at The Zoo!!!) moments before I realized they were infected (90% of adults are immune) by the highly contagious virus. For the full story on how this went down and how they’re doing head over to my blog (link in bio). Have you guys had experience with this?!”

Over on her blog, Meghan detailed the days following her children’s diagnosis and shared that being “trapped” with three young kids was taking her back to the anxieties of quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Disneyland is cancelled,” she wrote. “And I’m trapped with these poor babies. Quarantine PTSD is coming back in full force.”

Meghan King details embarrassment of realizing her kids had hand, foot, and mouth disease in public

For as terrible as Meghan felt for her little ones as they recover, the mom of three also couldn’t help but acknowledge her embarrassment at having unknowingly exposed so many people to the illness while they were at the zoo.

According to Meghan, their time at the zoo was cut short because her children weren’t behaving. She shared that after about an hour, they finally needed to leave. Despite being incredibly overwhelmed by the behavior of her children, she decided to Google Aspen’s “dot rash” and realized what was going on.

“I cringe a bit with embarrassment and remorse as we exit as far apart from strangers as possible,” Meghan wrote.

Thankfully, each of her kids seemingly had minor symptoms. They all experienced the “dots,” Aspen had lesions in her mouth, and Hart had blisters on his feet. None of the children came down with a fever and they maintained normal appetites.

Although it’s a downer that Meghan had to cancel the Disney trip, at least she managed to keep exposure to a minimum and the kids are on the mend.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus.

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