Meghan King discusses having no contact with her three kids on Halloween

Meghan King
Meghan King talks about the sadness of missing her kids on Halloween. Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan King, has not been on Bravo screens for many seasons, yet still remains a fan favorite with a huge following on Instagram.

She prides herself on being an open book on social media and discussing the struggles of being a single mom, more specifically a mom to a special needs child.

Meghan’s love life and co-parenting battles have played out in the public eye for years, and she recently spoke out about an event she missed that left her feeling emotional.

Sharing her three kids with ex-husband Jim Edmonds takes a toll on the former Bravo star, and being absent for the Halloween festivities had Meghan speaking out on Instagram.

In her video, Meghan let her followers know she was in Texas and wanted to talk about what it was like to spend Halloween without her kids — daughter Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes, 4.

She admitted at first she was really sad being away from her kids, but she had a friend gift her with some self-care to get her through the day.

Meghan King opens up about co-parenting during the holidays

Feeling blue about not being able to take her kids out to trick or treat, Meghan asked friends to send photos of their own kids to her.

“No FaceTime, no photos, no contact,” Meghan claimed, meaning the kids were with their dad and he would not communicate with her. Meghan has said that nightly communication is a requirement of her parenting plan with Jim Edmonds, but he does not follow it and does not get reprimanded.

In an attempt to keep it real with her followers, Meghan admitted that she heard her kids were having meltdowns, which made the holiday difficult.

Meghan revealed, “Then I remembered, yeah, kids suck at holidays,” joking about how it is not as picture-perfect as it seems. Meghan tried to have outings with her kids the weekend before Halloween, where they were “losing their minds” after being tired and overstimulated from all of the activities she tried to cram in during her time with them.

Meghan had a realization that she can make her own traditions when she has the kids — regardless if it is on the actual holiday or not.

She said, “I think we as moms, and especially as single moms, build it up in our minds so much that we’re missing out on this tradition, this experience.”

Meghan admitted it is nice to have a holiday off as a parent, and she will try to enjoy that in the future instead of being sad about missing out.

Meghan still struggles with her ex-husband Jim Edmonds

In July, Meghan was a guest on a podcast where she admitted that her relationship with Jim was worse than it has ever been in an interview recorded around the time that she filed a restraining order against Jim.

She revealed that she and Jim were court-ordered to use a parenting app so that they were not required to physically talk to or see each other. Meghan hoped that the use of the app would tone down the alleged abuse she was receiving from Jim.

“We have [a worse] relationship than we did when we split up,” Meghan revealed. “It’s horrible. It’s so detrimental for the kids [and] for us as individuals. It sucks.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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