McTerrier on The Masked Singer: Who is the celebrity chef who unmasked in the premiere?

McTerrier on The Masked Singer
McTerrier on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The first week of The Masked Singer saw some big moments, and it didn’t all have to do with the singers’ voices.

One singer needed medical attention before returning to perform again and another lost their head after singing their song.

It was the contestant that lost their head that ended up going home in Week 1.

In a week where fans got to hear from Thingamabob, McTerrier, Cyclops, Firefly, and Ram, it was McTerrier who went home.

Who was McTerrier on The Masked Singer?

McTerrier came out and sang the Loverboy song, Working for the Weekend.

He also opened the performance playing the drums, showing he had musical talent. With the first clues given during the sneak peek showing a blue guitar with the Union Jack on it, most people thought he was a singer from the U.K.

Those guesses were wrong.

The other clues included an ax with a star on it, a fruitcake, a gold record, a candle, and an edge.

The only one that illustrated McTerrier’s identity was the fruitcake.

McTerrier ended up with the least votes and went home. When he was unmasked, he was celebrity chef, Duff Goldman.

Who is Duff Goldman on The Masked Singer?

Duff Goldman is a 47-year-old Food Network star.

He came to fame when his restaurant, Charm City Cakes West, featured in the Food Network series, Duff Till Dawn and Cake Masters.

When the judges asked why he came on The Masked Singer, he said he had a one-year-old daughter and he wanted this to be something she could look back on.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Duff said it did not disappoint him he went home first, but he had hoped to sing a second song, which he said would have been Smash Mouth’s hit song, All Star.

Concerning playing the drums, he said he started playing music when he was six and was in bands while he was in college.

“I’ve been in cover bands. I’m actually in a band right now that’s all chefs,” Duff said. “It’s called Foie Grock. Everybody else that works at Charm City Cakes, we all either are in bands or somehow are involved with music and performance.”

When it comes to losing his head, Duff admitted he couldn’t see anything with the mask on.

“When the song started, I was like, ‘All right. I hope I’m centered,’” Duff said. “You can’t see anything. That was like a five-foot drop. I did not want to fall off that stage. That was terrifying.”

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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