MBFFL: Season premiere reveals cracks in Whitney and Chase’s relationship

Whitney Way Thore in a MBFFL confessional.
Whitney Way Thore has a tough season ahead. Pic credit: TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is back this week, and the tone is a somber one.

Last season, viewers saw Whitney Way Thore got engaged to Chase Severino in Paris. It was a bit fast as even her friends were shocked by the news when they found out.

The new season picks up right where the last one left off. Whitney, Chase, and their friends are still in Paris. As the news of their engagement spreads, not everyone is as happy as the couple.

Chase Severino sends red flags

Whitney Way Thore was blindsided earlier this year when Chase Severino revealed he had cheated, and the woman he was with fell pregnant. News of that broke in May, and since then, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers have been wondering how this will all play out.

On the season premiere, which is available on the TLC app, there are several red flags that Chase has sent up that may have been overlooked at the moment they happened.

First, Chase was very lackadaisical when it came to wedding planning. After leaving Paris, he and Whitney did not move in together either. In fact, he stayed in Wilmington while she was in Charlotte.

There were also several stipulations Chase Severino put on Whitney Way Thore regarding her friend, Buddy Bell. He didn’t want them acting touchy-feely, which has been their whole vibe since the beginning.

Things were strained, leading to a confrontation at the trip all of the friends took on the season premiere.


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Whitney’s friends are concerned

In a few of the confessionals, her friends voiced their concern over her relationship with Chase.

It was interesting to see how Buddy picked up on things between the two. He is, after all, the one who knows Whitney almost better than anyone else.

Wedding talk made things awkward, especially when Chase revealed he didn’t want to feel pressured into anything. It was clear it wasn’t at the top of his list, which is concerning because months after the proposal, there was no planning started.

Knowing what is coming this season on My Big Fat Fabulous life has viewers on edge. After a whirlwind romance and a perfect proposal, everything crashing down around Whitney Way Thore.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns Tuesday, November 10, at 9/8c on TLC.

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