Maya Vander says Davina Potratz is the victim of a bad Selling Sunset edit

May Vander blames editing for portrayal of Selling Sunset costar Davina Potratz
Maya Vander defends Davina Potratz. Pic credit: Netflix

Maya Vander is defending her Selling Sunset costar Davina Potratz who continues to get tons of backlash from viewers of the show. While it’s Christine Quinn who takes the top stop for her villainous portrayal on the show, Davina is trailing close behind.

And it wasn’t just the audience that took issues with Davina, she managed to upset several of her castmates as well.

People haven’t exactly warmed up to Davina’s blunt and matter-of-fact attitude which often translates as cold. When she made a hurtful comment to Chrishell Stause following her split from Justin Hartley last season, the backlash was brutal.

However, according to Maya, she’s nothing like her TV persona. The Israeli beauty recently spoke up for Davina and blamed her portrayal on editing.

Maya Vander says Davina Potratz villanous portrayal is due to editing

We got a glimpse of a warmer and nicer Davina during Season 4, but she’s still not a fan favorite by any means. However, according to Maya, her castmate is a victim of bad editing.

The Selling Sunset star was a recent guest on The Domenick Nati Show and she had a lot to say about Davina’s portrayal over the years.

Domenick Nati asked if Davina’s villainous portrayal on the show is her true persona or if she gets a bad edit.

“Hundred percent bad edit,” responded Maya. “I know the producer will hate me for saying that. But look, I know Davina for a long time, I actually talk to her the most.”

While viewers noticed a welcome change in Davina’s attitude following the release of Season 4, Maya said Davina has always been that person.

“People [said] in the interviews, ‘Oh Davina changed. [She] came with a good attitude but that’s not true she was always the same,” said Maya. “Granted… some things that she says sounded a little bit harsh and direct and obviously add the music to it and put words together and then you have like a perfect editing.”

Maya Vander says producers wanted a villain

The Selling Sunset star continued to defend Davina during her interview and noted that producers made Davina into somewhat of a villain.

“Every show wants to have villain right so they have to choose someone,” remarked Maya. “Obviously on our show, it’s usually Christine but it was Davina kinda like tagging along there and the producer just took it and you know, kept it basically.”

Maya noted that she’s also been a victim of bad editing but said, “It is a part of being on a reality show and you’re in the mercy of the producers at the end of the day.”

Check out Maya’s interview below.

Selling Sunset Season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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