Maurissa Gunn reshares Demi Burnett’s post about treating women with respect after split from Riley Christian

Maurissa Gunn
Maurissa Gunn shares messages that resonate with her after her breakup. Pic credit: ABC

Maurissa Gunn is no longer with fiance Riley Christian after news officially broke of their split. 

The same day that Riley and Maurissa’s breakup became public, Maurissa shared some telling posts, with one being from her good friend and fellow Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Demi Burnett. 

Maurissa Gunn promotes Demi Burnett’s message about being ‘good to women’ 

After Riley and Maurissa’s joint statement announcing their breakup, Maurissa took to her Instagram stories to share posts that could provide insight into her mindset post-engagement.

Maurissa also reshared a post from Demi Burnett in one of her stories. 

Maurissa encouraged her fans and followers to read the caption that Demi wrote on her post, encouraging equal rights and women to be respected. 

Demi's post on Maurissa's story
Pic credit: @maurissagunn/Instagram

The caption on Demi’s post read, “Just a reminder that people are living in fear every day even people on tv can be going through it without you knowing it so I am saying TALK ABOUT IT MORE and never stop fighting for equal rights! Also keep having discussions in the comments that’s what the space is for! JUST DONT CAUSE HARM!”

Demi’s captioned continued to advocate for women as she wrote, “Also remember to be good to women because even if you aren’t a misogynistic person they might be living in a world where they are oppressed every day, so maybe go out of your way to make sure she knows she’s being treated with respect xx women doing this for each other can change the world xx” 

Demi concluded her caption with reference to Kim Possible, writing, “call me beep me if u wanna reach me.” 

Demi’s post was met with love, including from Maurissa, who placed hearts under the post.

Maurissa Gunn shares message about life being stressful 

Before officially confirming their breakup, Riley and Maurissa had been mostly silent on their relationship as fans continued to speculate and spread rumors of their split. 

Maurissa seemed to address the split more indirectly through ominous posts and messages. 

Now that the breakup has been announced, Maurissa reshared another telling post.

The post read, “People think you moving funny whole time you just dealing w life…S**t stressful.” 

Maurissa Gunn IG story
Pic credit: @maurissagunn/Instagram

Hopefully, life will feel a bit less stressful for Maurissa as she enters her next chapter. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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